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28 May 2018


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  1. Corky

     /  May 28, 2018

    I think this analyst is right. For the sake of Western nations we should be removed from the Five Eyes network. I’m sure many liberasl would love that.

    • NOEL

       /  May 28, 2018

      I’m guessing that given some Greens MP are shown protesting out side 5 Eyes facilities that the other members would be cautious about what they are prepared to provide. Probably a bigger impediment to NZ gaining intelligence than the no nuclear boats policy.

  2. Corky

     /  May 28, 2018

    James Cook University fires second scientist for not towing the line on climate change. This is a warning to any nutty scientist who believes in the scientific method that funding comes before science- get it right- man made climate change is a fact.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  May 28, 2018

      Distortion of facts, of course.

      I think that you mean ‘toeing the line’, not ‘towing the line’ which is meaningless in this context.

      • Corky

         /  May 28, 2018

        Instead of your continued nit-picking..are you really interested in writing a genuine reply?

        ‘Distortion of facts, of course.”

        We’ll, that’s enlightening.

        By the way, The Guardian is a liberal newspaper.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  May 29, 2018

          I meant that you were distorting the facts, of course.

          That is a genuine reply. If you want to keep saying the meaningless ‘tow the line’ , please do so,

  3. David

     /  May 28, 2018

    Hosking makes some great points about the disgrace that Auckland Airport is after years of over charging to provide a high return to shareholders instead of investing to cope with the growth. Arriving in Auckland you have literally been in a dungeon of construction for years and departing is now pretty awful. In pretty much every developed country if you are travelling business class you have your own security and passport priority passport queues.
    He is right even LAX is a more pleasant and efficient experience which is a pretty low bar, time for the commerce commission to actually do its job and reduce landing charges until the redevelopment is completed as its the only way they will get focused.
    Disclosure..I own shares in Akl Airport who have been most generous.

  4. NOEL

     /  May 28, 2018

    ” travelling business class you have your own security and passport priority passport queues.”

    Geez Wayne have traveled business and economy into NZ and there was no time difference going through Smart Gate.

  5. PartisanZ

     /  May 28, 2018

    Mind candy …

    • Corky

       /  May 28, 2018

      I see Noam is confused again. Socialism is about the people being in control of production. Russian people weren’t according to him. That’s correct, for a very simple reason. Totalitarianism and socialism, or communism, go hand in hand.

  6. PartisanZ

     /  May 28, 2018

    When education, knowledge and intelligence become ‘problems’ …

  7. Zedd

     /  May 28, 2018

    methinks its time Mr donald drumpf started actinh like a POTUS, rather than a smug oligarch who acquired the oval office by skullduggery !

    if there is a peace-treaty signed on 38th paralel, then i would support all leaders being c0-winners of the peace prize !

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  May 28, 2018

      Er…it’s skulduggery, nothing to do with skulls – it’s an old Scottish word, I believe. But you are probably right about how he got in.

      He didn’t seem to condemn those members of his family who were breaking the law by being enrolled in two electorates, or want them to be prosecuted. Didn’t he want other people who were doing this to be prosecuted ?

  8. PartisanZ

     /  May 28, 2018

    Danger, danger Will Robinson …

    I wonder if anything similar was embroiled in our recent Census?

  9. PartisanZ

     /  May 28, 2018

    Disruptive technology … “We’re here to help” …