Vote confirms Auckland fuel tax

Auckland City councillors have voted in favour of a regional fuel tax of 11.5 cents that will be applied from 1 July this year.

The council has also a ten year infrastructure budget of $26.2 billion.

RNZ: Auckland’s fuel tax a reality after council vote

Auckland councillors have voted to bring in a 11.5 cent-a-litre regional fuel tax to fund transport projects after a crunch debate today. Councillors voted 13 to 7 in favour of the tax.

Today’s debate on the proposed tax began with Mayor Phil Goff saying the consequences would be “inconceivable” if it was not introduced.

After the debate, Mr Goff told RNZ it was a “great news” for the future of Auckland.

“We’ve grasped the nettle, we know that we need to invest more, we know that for every dollar we invest, we’re getting more than a dollar back in terms of government payments. This is another $4.3 billion into Auckland transport over the next decade and that’s critically impertinent.”

Stuff: Auckland Council approve Goff’s $26 billion budget

On Thursday, council decided to implement Goff’s final proposed budget which will represent the largest-ever investment in Auckland’s infrastructure – $26.2 billion over the next 10 years.

It marked the beginning of “transformative work” aimed to tackle the critical issues of transport congestion and protecting the environment, Goff said.

The largest part of the budget will be going toward transport, where Auckland Council plans to commit $12b, of which $4.3b will be leveraged from the approved regional fuel tax.

That will take the overall transport investment in Auckland to $28b – with Goff also indicating a further $4b could be on the way from the Government to help with light rail.

On the environmental front, $311 million, from a natural environment targeted rate, would go toward tackling kauri dieback.

Auckland’s 10-year budget breakdown:

– The budget represents a capital investment of $26.2b
– $12b for transport
– $452m in stormwater infrastructure and beach/harbour clean up
– $311m from a natural environment targeted rate to tackle Kauri dieback
– $40m for a climate change response fund
– $90m for coastal asset management
– $120m for sports and recreation
– $475,000 to Auckland City Mission to fight homelessness

Big city, big money.


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  1. Griff

     /  1st June 2018

    Wellsford is just outside the Auckland boundary and has three gas stations that compete to keep prices low.
    Told the girl when you come up to the beach plan to full your car at wellsford and save.
    The savings will almost make the fortnightly trip to the batch free.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  1st June 2018

      Are you sure, Griff? The Welcome to Auckland sign is up on the hill north of Te Hana. I think Wellsford is in the region, not out of it.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  1st June 2018

          I wonder if Wellsford really is an acronym made from the initials of early settlers.

          What if they’d been called Ibister, Downing, Inglis, Otway, Tanner, Viles, Ingalls, Liggins, Lawrence and Ellis ?

          Or Brown, Robinson, Oliver, Tulliver, Hanly, Enderby, Lindsay, Thomas, Opie, Watson and Nairn ?

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  1st June 2018

            Even it it’s over the border, the petrol at the competing petrol stations could be cheaper.

            I remember when the price went up years ago and I was with someone whose car was all but empty. He filled right up and we couldn’t believe that the amount was nearly $100. The girl asked if we wanted to see if it could do all the way, and it probably could have.

            • Kitty Catkin

               /  1st June 2018

              Now that petrol would be cheap.

        • PDB

           /  1st June 2018

          Griff is never wrong, has this new full-proof thing called ‘google’ apparently……..

          Um…except Wellsford is in Rodney and Rodney is in Auckland City.

          • Gezza

             /  1st June 2018

            Google is foolproof.

            Proof of fools who think if it’s on the web & google finds it it must be true.

  2. PDB

     /  1st June 2018

    “$452m in stormwater infrastructure and beach/harbour clean up”

    Over 10 years? Major upgrading of key infrastructure that has been neglected for decades will again be neglected under this plan whilst billions of $ will be spent on transport plans that will do little to help those coming into the city from the outer suburbs by road/ going through the city & comapniess that have to use the roads to conduct their business.

    Not to mention the savings that could be found in the $ amount Auckland Council waste each year that Goff lied about doing something about.

    The city is a ticking financial time-bomb.

  3. Gezza

     /  1st June 2018

    The only thing I mind about Auckland’s regional fuel tax is that it enabled Labour to increase the levy generally (#moretaxes) and has encouraged Welly’s Cit Council to start agitating for one too. The only way to fix this is a revolution and a few exmplary summary executions.

  4. alloytoo

     /  1st June 2018

    If I could just have a list of councillors who voted in favour……

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  1st June 2018

      They’d none of them be missed – they’d none of them be missed –
      they’d none of them be missed !


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