Media watch – Sunday

3 June 2018


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  1. duperez

     /  June 3, 2018

    Herald reporter Luke Kirkness and his editors must have thought they’d struck the jackpot.

    Their exclusive, splashed in dramatic form across the Herald on Sunday front page – well it would have been the front page but that is a car ad – has “Cops called over Jordie’s 5am blunder.” The big headlines are accompanied by a big photo of Jordie Barrett playing rugby.
    Well in a game of rugby, but tall, hand to forehead, perplexed in a “What the hell have I done?” pose.

    The top of the next facing page has the headline “AB Jordie’s awkward night of shame.”

    To stretch the story the obligatory bits have to be included: “Rugby has been plagued by unsavoury incidents in the past few years. Although this is likely to be considered at the minor end of the scale, it will be a fresh headache for management that has been striving to display a new face for the national game. …

    Barrett’s blunder has some parallels to an incident involving former All Black hooker Norm Hewitt, who drunkenly broke into the wrong Queenstown hotel room in 1999. At a press conference organised to apologise for his actions, Hewitt broke down in tears.”

    Further on in the Herald Andrew Alderson’s piece about cycling coach Anthony Peden is headlined right across the page “It’s a smear campaign.”

    I’m sure there are some who love a good smear campaign. Others will be like rugby officials, hoping to see a new face displayed for the national game, the national game of reporting.

    • How they all roll these days. Click bait mate.


      • Little bird told me that the MPB convo the other day was 95% positive framers and Govt. You’d not know that if you relied on media would you.

  2. sorethumb

     /  June 4, 2018

    Pro Maori bias from NZ Geographic
    The new law in October, 1975, allowed the Waitangi Tribunal to listen to complaints about breaches of the treaty, but only if the breaches had happened since 1975. So, early in 1978, the Ngati Pikiao turned to the tribunal for help to stop the proposed Kaituna pipeline.
    The treaty had promised Maori people undisturbed possession of their fisheries, but now it looked as if the Kaituna fishery was going to be fouled forever—in effect, taken away from them, because Maori are brought up to be more revolted by crap than Pakeha are, so much so that it is outrageous in a Maori house to sit on surfaces where food is prepared. Bums, even dressed bums, do not mix with food. Water used for cleaning must not be allowed to get into water to be used for cooking.

    • sorethumb

       /  June 4, 2018

      virtue signalling is fine but it isn’t advisable that too many do it at once: is like being on a swing bridge is o.k for a couple of people to jump up and down but not everyone at once.