After the frosts some snow

The last week in the south has been wintry, with frosts just about everywhere, including hoar frosts in Central Otago – some great photos of that here:

After the calm there’s storm, or at least a brief blast from the south.

The Crown Range web cam is a go to these days to find some snow on a road:

That’s over a 1.000 meters so not surprising to see snow there in southerly storms. The Desert Road in the North Island gets to about the same altitude so could get a dump as the storm goes north.

This morning in Dunedin there’s no sign of snow on the ground here at 100 metres, so i should get to work ok unless it comes in late, but there’s a smattering at 150 metres in Roslyn:

That means the Northern Motorway is likely to be closed for a while, and the hill suburbs will have a late start this morning – Wakari is at 220 metres and Brockville 300 metres – my granddaughter will likely be having some fun today at home.

It looks similar in Queenstown (about 300 metres):

But this looks fairly light and it is forecast to be brief, so winter life will go on as normal.

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  1. David

     /  6th June 2018

    Christchurch has little else except rain for a week its all been a bit depressing but great to see snow in Queenstown and an early start to the ski season after a couple of disappointing years lets hope its a good one.

    • It’s a promising start to the ski season but weather here can be fickle, and could as easily turn mild for a while.

  2. Zedd

     /  6th June 2018

    I can see snow on the hills behind my place.. but just rain at my place (sth Dn).. “Its FFRREEEEZZIINNGG” 🙂

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  6th June 2018

      I hate to say it but I was wearing a longsleeved t-shirt, jeans and sandals today and I wasn’t cold.

  3. Gezza

     /  6th June 2018

    6°C in Welly this morning, according to ma, on the blower, around 8.30. (Never argue with ma on the blower, btw, she just talks over top of you & pretends not to hear you.)

    She reckoned it was 8° in The Rua, though, which is nearer – but there’s a icy Southerly howling straight up the stream so the chill factor I reckon makes it colder. No pooks waiting this morning. Must be hunkered down somewhere. Watched a couple of ducks have to do a go round before managing to land on the water. Wings were flapping like an A300’s before touchdown @ Welly International.

    Ma said she heard hail is expected later today.

    Who’d want to live in a place where water freezes in the blimmin pipes??

    • Zedd

       /  6th June 2018

      true… indeed 😀

      • Gezza

         /  6th June 2018

        Evans Bay Livecam, Zedd mate. 11.30 am, peak time. Airbus A320 & Bombardier Q300.

        They’s goin’ over the Manor House over every couple of minutes. Landing speeds quite low.

        Welly airport ⭐ – sorting out the women from the girls & the men from the boys! 😎

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  6th June 2018

          There are too many pooks to count around here, they are even walking around people’s gardens. I have never seen so many, they are all ages and sizes and very lovely.

  4. Ray

     /  6th June 2018

    Fine, windy, and pretty cold down here at 45°S.
    Snow down on the hills but barely chicken feed, gone now.

  5. Pickled Possum

     /  6th June 2018

    Those photographs on the ODT are spectacular pete
    so much beauty down there in the freeza. I am going to purchase one.
    Up here in the Far North, it’s bloody Freezing and Wet with Wet freezing wind.
    It’s like its snowing on the local hills! Ground is so squishy it has become slippery.
    Washing is under the veranda … getting wetter … have to rescue it soon, hang round fire,
    Got lots of Hot water,
    Soup all gone, Not many if any dry places to put the gumboots … Oh well inside they go.
    Netflix here I come, without a shred of guilt.
    That you laffing Miss in your Jeans and James Dean tee-shirt with
    Romanadvoratrelundar sandals.


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