I found my way to on old TV play by Hone Tuwhare from 1989, an interesting look at some Māori (and New Zealand) history and culture.

A teenage boy (Lance Wharewaka) should be at school, but instead learns about the bush and the old days from his ailing grand uncle (Bill Tawhai). The friendship prepares the boy with the necessary skills for life.

Written by poet Hone Tuwhare, Eel marked the drama directing debut of TV3 newsreader and Wild South presenter Joanna Paul.

“He [Bill] brought a mana with him and has such irreplaceable Māori knowledge,” said Paul, who remembered him discussing “how he used bobs to catch eels. He remembers using flax — you can’t buy knowledge like that.”

I happened to help Hone do some editing of the screenplay back then.

Video here: E Tipu E Rea – Eel Television (Full Length) – 1989 Drama Māori

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  1. Pickled Possum

     /  10th June 2018

    Thanks pete .. Hone Tuwhare was a poet of note .. I especially love his poem Rain. I rember him chasing my Aunti round the kitchen table … just for laffs.
    Apriana Taylor was also a writer poet that I like to read Te Rau Aroha was full of short stories …
    Hone Tuwhare went on the walk with Whina Cooper and wrote a peom about his journey and what he was doing there, torturing his feet.

    • I thought you might like this.

      I read rain for the first time yesterday – I’ll post it some tome soon, a seemingly simple but very expressive poem.


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