3 strikes repeal struck out

Andrew Little had to retract his promise to repeal the 3 strikes legislation today. He conceded that he wouldn’t have the support of NZ First so didn’t have the numbers.

Making a premature announcement like this is quite a balls up.

Three Strikes repeal not going to Cabinet

A proposal to repeal Three Strikes is not going before Cabinet today on the basis that New Zealand First have indicated they would be unlikely to support it, says Justice Minister Andrew Little.

“I acknowledge New Zealand First has concerns about the Three Strikes repeal. The strength of this coalition is that change only occurs with the support of all three parties.

“Further work on a balanced reform package for a more effective criminal justice system that make our communities safer will be considered by the independent advisory panel to be appointed shortly, and progressed in August at the Criminal Justice Summit.

“We are committed to a meaningful and balanced programme of change and we will be consulting our coalition partners and the public on this over the coming months.

“The reality is that the justice system is not working and we need to make changes to make our communities safer,” says Andrew Little.

The justice system is working, but in some ways not very well so could do with some revisions. however Little needs to learn that you need to get the required support before making promises you may not be able to keep.

In reality retaining the 3 strikes legislation is unlikely to make a big difference. Courts have already overturned 3rd strike sentences as manifestly unfair (showing protections work), so the maximum penalties look likely to be reserved for the worst offenders most deserving of long sentences.

Stuff: Government’s three strikes repeal killed by NZ First

In a press conference on Monday morning Little tried to leave the door open on three strikes being repealed in the future, saying NZ First didn’t support a “piecemeal” approach and wanted to see the total justice reform package.

However, it’s understood NZ First MPs have been working on this issue for weeks. The caucus has no plans to budge on its long-held view of being tough on law and order after seeking feedback from its voter base.

That position is expected to be made clear after caucus meets at Parliament on Tuesday.

That position must have already been made clear to Little given his announcement today.


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  1. Gezza

     /  11th June 2018

    This was a prominent item on 1ewes at 6 tonite. I just assumed Little had (surprisingly) assured support of NZ First before he made his announcement it was to be scrapped. What a nonce. Good to see this proposal dumped. It hadn’t been studied or thought through at all.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  11th June 2018

      It hadn’t been studied or thought through at all.
      That seems to be the modus operandi to date – and presumably accounts for the 123 working groups as well.

      • Gezza

         /  11th June 2018

        1ewes said Ardern had given him a little bit of a telling off for not following proper prcess before making the announcement! 🙄

        • “The Prime Minister hasn’t formally told Andrew Little off, but has reminded Ministers to follow proper processes before going public with planned policy changes”.

          Little said it had become obvious by last Friday that he wouldn’t get the numbers to ensure repeal.


          • Gezza

             /  11th June 2018

            Yes. That’s what is otherwise known as “a little bit of a telling off”. 😉

            • What’s surprising is that Little was left promising repeal prematurely for so long without getting a little bit of a telling off until now.

            • Gezza

               /  11th June 2018

              Yeah – it is Pete. This is staggering incompetence from someone as experienced as Little ought to be by now. So you have to wonder if he’s been played by NZF.

          • Gezza

             /  11th June 2018

            That’s like my telling all four of the pooks this afternoon that I don’t want to see any more conical holes in my lawn where grass used to be & that all them are to note this, while only one of them is actually standing there with a beak covered with mud all the way up to his head plate.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  11th June 2018

      I hadn’t even thought of NZF queering the pitch at the last minute, and AL obviously hadn’t either, It was on 3, too. He must feel like an absolute fool and not love the people who made him look like one. I’d be interested to hear what he calls Auntie Winnie.

      There is a little rift within the lute
      That by and by will make the music mute
      And, ever-widening, slowly silence all.


      The oft-quoted story of the theft of a piece of pizza landing someone inside for life usually fails to mention that it was theft from some children and that it was as much of a theft (as well as a terrifying experience for the victims who were stood over and robbed) as if it had been something valuable.

  2. Blazer

     /  11th June 2018

    wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it.Got squeaky Bridges squeaking.
    He must have forgotten his faux pas in not knowing Nationals policy on…bail…already.

  3. Zedd

     /  11th June 2018

    maybe Mr Little jumped the gun, but NZF are part of this Govt.: One of the ‘tails’ wagging the dog OR just the reality of MMP politics.. not all parties do agree on all issues.

    Bridges saying ‘the Govt. is in disarray’.. hardly.
    ‘If NZF wanted to go with Natl.. they would have’ get over !!

    Obviously they do see better options in this MMP Govt. 🙂

    • PartisanZ

       /  11th June 2018

      I wonder if lowering the damned 5% threshold would make any difference to this sort of situation?


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