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12 June 2018


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  1. Corky

     /  June 12, 2018

    Gravity anomalies occur throughout the world although I think New Zealand has none.
    Weight drops, height increases relative to perspective, balls roll up hill and survey equipment plays up. Most of these areas are clearly defined with their effects. While one area has been explained as an optical illusion other areas remain a complete mystery.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  June 12, 2018
  3. phantom snowflake

     /  June 12, 2018

    Yesterday Alan Wilkinson referred to this article, regarding newly appointed ‘Transport Officers’ being able to issue instant fines to people “evading” fares on Auckland’s rail network:

    I have no wish to enter the ‘Public vs.Private’ debate. (Apart from a little diversion, which is: “Is there really any such thing as truly Public Transport??”)
    My main issue is with Auckland Transport’s claim that “Fare evasion costs $2 million to $3m a year.” This is nothing more than pure bullshit, a completely fabricated figure. I use Auckland’s passenger rail service network many times each week, am always subject to checks by ‘Transport Officers’, and would see someone caught not paying a maximum of once per month.
    I’m also unhappy that Auckland Transport has not been upfront and honest about the extent of the powers which ‘Transport Officers’ have. Why are the public not allowed to know? What happens if a non-paying passenger tells a ‘Transport Officer’ to F*** Off and refuses to give their details? I’m getting bloody tempted to try it out; partly for the ‘rush’ I must confess…

  4. PDB

     /  June 12, 2018

    Waiting list for public housing surges under this govt, no doubt mainly due to Labour’s impossible promise of huge amounts of new housing;

    “At the end of March, Twyford paused all eligibility checks on current state housing tenants while working out whether the criteria needed to be enlarged. Twyford did not believe this had contributed significantly to the growing waitlist.”

  5. lurcher1948

     /  June 12, 2018

    I feel like sharing this on the Green Party website, it would cause mass heart attacks

    • Corky

       /  June 13, 2018

      That’s an icon of the industrial revolution, Lurchy. The Greens want a Green revolution.