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  1. Gezza

     /  14th June 2018

    World view? Is this a page re-brand PG?

  2. Griff

     /  14th June 2018

    Antarctic ice melting faster than ever, studies show

    Rate of melt has accelerated threefold in last five years and could contribute 25cm to sea-level rises without urgent action.
    Ice in the Antarctic is melting at a record-breaking rate and the subsequent sea rises could have catastrophic consequences for cities around the world, according to two new studies.

    A report led by scientists in the UK and US found the rate of melting from the Antarctic ice sheet has accelerated threefold in the last five years and is now vanishing faster than at any previously recorded time.

    A separate study warns that unless urgent action is taken in the next decade the melting ice could contribute more than 25cm to a total global sea level rise of more than a metre by 2070. This could lead eventually to the collapse of the entire west Antarctic ice sheet, and around 3.5m of sea-level rise.

    Dr Hansen, one of the worlds leading experts* on climate change, published this warning.

    There was a lot of chatter on even the realist blogs I follow that he was too pessimistic by far.
    Subsequent research is giving more credence to Dr Hansen’s frankly terrifying paper.
    AMOC slow down
    Global warming making tropical cyclones stronger.

    *Often claimed but demonstrably true when it comes to Dr Hansen.

    • Corky

       /  14th June 2018

      Don’t fret, Griff. Watch a pendulum in motion and you will understand climate change better than 99.99 % of the population.

  3. Blazer

     /  14th June 2018

    Monbiot on NAFTA….implications for CTPPA…?

    ‘Under Nafta, these provisions have become, metaphorically and literally, toxic. When Canada tried to ban a fuel additive called MMT as a potentially dangerous neurotoxin, the US manufacturer used Nafta rules to sue the government. Canada was forced to lift the ban, and award the company $13m (£10m) in compensation. After Mexican authorities refused a US corporation permission to build a hazardous waste facility, the company sued before a Nafta panel, and extracted $16.7m in compensation. Another US firm, Lone Pine Resources, is suing Canada for $119m because the government of Quebec has banned fracking under the St Lawrence River.

    As the US justice department woke up to the implications of these rules in the 1990s, it began to panic: one official wrote that it “could severely undermine our system of justice” and grant foreign companies “more rights than Americans have”. Another noted: “No one thought about this when Nafta implementing law passed.”

    Nor did they think about climate breakdown. Nafta obliges Canada not only to export most of its oil and half its natural gas to the US, but also to ensure that the proportion of these fuels produced from tar sands and fracking does not change. As a result, the Canadian government cannot adhere to both its commitments under the Paris agreement on climate change and its commitments under Nafta. While the Paris commitments are voluntary, Nafta’s are compulsory.’

    • Liberal Democracy? The EU? In the same sentence? Whatever Mr. Verhofstadt is smoking I’m sure it can’t be legal.


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