Hard lefties oppose National cooperation on climate change

Jacinda Ardern has described climate change as “my generation’s nuclear free moment” (in a campaign speech in August 2017).

Simon Bridges won’t go that far. On Q+A yesterday

CORIN DANN So certainty. Is climate change the nuclear-free issue of your generation?

SIMON BRIDGES I would not go that far. Is it the most significant environmental issue? Is it an important long-term issue that we need to deal with and deal with seriously and provide certainty on? Yes.

Bridges was vague about where he actually stands on a number of climate issues, and is nowhere near as radical as the Greens, but National have signalled a willingness to work together with other parties – National supporting non-partisan Climate Commission.

But how genuine are they? Not at all according to some on the left.

MickySavage asked yesterday: Does National really want climate change to be a bipartisan issue?

His post concludes:

If this is what National and Simon Bridges is promising then all good and the Government can get on with things.  But if this is merely a replacement of outright denial with a more nuanced approach designed to delay urgent action being taken then he should rethink this.

Bridges has just been reported criticising National MPs expressing doubts about climate change.

Many comments at The Standard didn’t trust National and didn’t want them involved. Petty partisan politics is so ingrained some people can’t countenance cross-party cooperation.

Gabby: “Much easier to wreck things from the inside.”

Robert Guyton: “National’s funders will say, nah.”

Jess: “Bi-partisan means two parties. National wants to regress to Nat vs Labour with Nat as the bigger party, instead of a coalition. Or if they really see Govt and opposition as two parties, their perspective is going to be no help whatsoever (no surprise there).”

Kat: “Agree with you Jess in that National just want to maneuver into a position of taking out the coalition in 2020 by appearing to be genuine about serious issues.”

marty mars: “Simon is insincere imo. The gnats don’t care. Last throw of the die in many ways.”

Stuart Munro: “Trying make a wedge to peel off a few blueish Green voters.”

Jenny: “Feeling the ground shifting under them, National’s corporate sponsors desperately need a bipartisan consensus to do nothing meaningful about climate change.”

Draco T Bastard: “Translation: He wants Labour and the Greens to compromise and accept National’s position. And National will not budge from its position.”

What I think DTB really means is that he doesn’t want Greens to budge from their position – ignoring the reality of an MMP Parliament that requires agreement (and compromise) from at least three parties.

I joined in and said: This is the best opportunity ever for cross party cooperation on dealing with a major issue facing New Zealand and the world. Getting pissy about shunning parties because they don’t measure up to ideals (non of them do) is a bit pathetic given what is at stake.

Robert Guyton:

“Moving towards doing something”
Shuffling their feet so they aren’t considered dead.
That’s all.

I queried Robert: What approach do you think is best Robert – MMP democracy, or petty partisan politics? Greens will get closest to what they want if they’re prepared to work hard with all other parties in Parliament to get the best out of all of them – kinda like the James Shaw approach.”


James is handling this issue beautifully, in the way a snake-handler manipulates vipers. Still vipers though.

This was Shaw’s response to National’s announcement they would work with other parties ion climate change:

Fortunately commenters on left wing blogs don’t run things in Parliament, but as Eugenie Sage found out, they can kick up a stink when Ministers follow laws and procedures and allow something activists don’t like.

Wayne Mapp also joined in:

Thank goodness the commenters here are not actually in govt. Most of you would not talk to National on anything (except for terms of surrender).

In reality in a range of issues governments and oppositions co-operate. For instance on national super, various environmental issues, a number of national security isssues there is dialogue and adjustment to get a bipartisan (sometimes multi partisan) consensus.

In fact John Key’s initiative in Opposition was to do the anti-smacking deal with Labour.

But hard lefties seem to hate dealing at all with the political ‘enemy’. In response:

Stuart Munro: “Well you’re a pack of lying assholes.”

One Anonymous Bloke: Here’s a radical idea to improve your public image: stop lying and killing people.

Fortunately people like that are nowhere near real political decision making, all they have is futile vitriol in social media.

This morning on RNZ:

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  1. Reply
    • Gezza

       /  18th June 2018

      Ok – so here’s the actual interview and you can hear his actual indicating there will be no change to National’s previous attitude – happy to have a Climate Commission but will only go along with conclusions & advice they agree with. Poor Simon. He’s just totally unconvincing about everything. They need to get rid of him.

    • Corky

       /  18th June 2018

      ”National leader Simon Bridges is distancing himself from party MPs who argue climate change is bogus, saying the scientific evidence speaks for itself.”

      If National had any guts they would ask Bridges to stand down. Any leader who believes in man-made climate change; has no problem with kiwis being taxed by this scam, and accepts the inconvenience and job losses that have ensued from this con, is a halfwit.

      • Gezza

         /  18th June 2018

        Well, if you listen to the actual interview he doesn’t actually seem to do any of that.

        • Corky

           /  18th June 2018

          Morning report is reporting fake news?

          • Gezza

             /  18th June 2018

            No they’re letting a politician do that. They’re just broadcasting what he’s saying.

  2. Ray

     /  18th June 2018

    Robert is still alive, here was us thinking he was tangled up an apple tree by his beard.
    It is worth remembering that “The Standard” only represents a small sub-set of the voting world, likewise Kiwiblog but some of the lines run mistake politics for total war or the real world.
    Long may Your NZ show a more considered way.

  3. duperez

     /  18th June 2018

    The headline has Hard lefties opposing National cooperation on climate change.

    Do I see the small print suggesting some National MPs don’t want National cooperation on climate change policy because some of them think there’s no such thing as climate change?

    In other words it’s not the cooperation that upsets them but that it should be for the sake of a climate change. Sounds like some work to be done. For a unified front are the non-believers going to have to be persuaded or are they going to just bite their lips?

    And regardless, what are the chances that the hard lefties who seem to hate dealing with the political ‘enemy’ at all, will beat the hard righties who seem to hate dealing at all with the political ‘enemy’ in moderating their stance?

  4. Grimm

     /  18th June 2018

    It’s meaningless drivel from the good folk at the Standard. There are plenty of instances of them arguing vehemently against their own beliefs and policies, because National championed them. New flag anyone?

    If National run hard enough with this, most of them will stop believing in AGW.

  5. Blazer

     /  18th June 2018
    • Gezza

       /  18th June 2018

      (To display here the link has to end with the .png or .jpg – I just deleted the extra stuff)

  6. Zedd

     /  18th June 2018

    i keep thinking of the footage of ‘young nats’ with young simon.. (newshub ?) his mate said “We are trying to ditch the perception that we are all SNOBBY little rich kids” (his words not mine)

  7. Kitty Catkin

     /  18th June 2018

    People of her generation were around when NZ went nuclear-free. She’s not that young, even if she tries to look it .

  8. PartisanZ

     /  18th June 2018

    Said it a couple or three times before on here about this strategic move from National …

    I’m just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO suspicious of them …

    • Grimm

       /  18th June 2018

      It’s very simple. There’s no votes lost anymore in supporting it, because all parties are virtue signalling on it now. But it may piss off some blue greens if they do nothing.


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