Media watch – Monday

18 June 2018


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  1. Gezza

     /  June 18, 2018

    North Shore photographer Larryn Rae captured a rare astro event, the Red Sprite (top of photo), on his camera at Te Arai beach.

    It’s not every night a photographer is able to capture a rare phenomenal electrical burst event in the sky like the Red Sprite, but Larryn Rae did and he’s so happy.Red Sprite is an electrical burst that occurs above highly active thunderstorms.

    According to National Geographic, the event is rarely observed from the ground or space because of its high altitude, milliseconds-long duration and relative dimness compared to lightning.

    What luck. I’ve only ever seen these in a documentary on thunderstorms, with video footage from the International Space Station. That was fascinating itself for just how many thunderstorms were going on at the same time right around the globe.