Another Labour big money fundraiser

Fund raising is a necessity in New Zealand politics. You need money to campaign, you need to campaign to get votes, and you need votes to succeed.

So generally fund raising shouldn’t be a big deal. Unless you do what you blasted another party for doing. Labour has been spotlighted for big money fundraising again.

NZH: Labour’s Stuart Nash defends $1000-a-head fundraiser

MP for Napier
Minister of Police, Fisheries, Revenue, and Small Business

Weeks after Labour was criticised for holding fundraisers featuring ministers, Labour’s Stuart Nash will hold a lunch fundraiser at the swanky Northern Club where about 20 people will pay $1000 each to hear him talk.

Nash said the fundraiser in Auckland today was to raise money for his Napier campaign in 2020.

Those invited were friends and acquaintances “who have done well in life” and he was speaking as Napier MP rather than in his capacity as a minister.

The old ‘not as a Minister’ trick.

It seems odd to put on a swanky show for friends and acquaintances. They shouldn’t need to be lavished with luxury to extract money from them.

Why fund raise in Auckland for a Napier campaign? That seems odd.

And it’s two years until the campaign will start to wind up.

It comes a fortnight after Labour was accused of hypocrisy for a fundraiser at the Wellington Club where attendees paid $600 a head to listen to Finance Minister Grant Robertson speak about the Budget.

Funny how generally parties and politicians change their views on what is acceptable or not depending on whether they are in Government or not.

But this isn’t new territory for Nash.

Stuff 28 September 2014 – Stuart Nash: it’s all about ‘bloody hard work’

“You would be surprised by some of the people who contributed to my campaign,” Nash says, smiling.

He mentions a fundraiser at the exclusive Northern Club in Auckland, chasing lawyers, accountants and businessmen, “people who never vote Labour but believe in me and what I’m doing . . . a lot of time you are hitting up your wealthy friends for money”.

The money let him start campaigning early.

He had time to campaign then. He has now an established MP, and a Minister with a much bigger profile.

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  1. PDB

     /  22nd June 2018

    I suggest the worry for Labour is there is a good chance they might be out on their ear next election and back to being the party with no real funding friends (aside from the unions).

    Best to get in early & make some money now before their stock value goes down further.

    • Gezza

       /  22nd June 2018

      Just hope all his friends have made their money legitimately.

    • Blazer

       /  22nd June 2018


      • Corky

         /  22nd June 2018

        You had a fair bit to say about National fund raising a while back, Blazer. Anything you would like to add apart from the word ”hypocrisy.”?

  2. Trevors_Elbow

     /  22nd June 2018


    Nothing to see here, Move on.

  3. isnt the labour party in a financial hole? they need to get out of it…..

  4. Loki

     /  22nd June 2018

    Winston is doing it as well.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  22nd June 2018

      People would pay $1000 not to see him.

      • Loki

         /  23rd June 2018

        But only 600 to see Robertson.
        No word yet on how much Winston was charging at his fundraiser yesterday at the Duke of Marlborough in Russell.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  23rd June 2018

          He’d have to pay ME to go to that.

          I have seen him twice in reality, but not talked to him unless you count a heckle as I walked out of a meeting….he was also at the Fart Tax protest, and I was amazed to see what a wee squit of a fellow he is.

  1. Nash withdraws from fund raiser, Hooton goes ahead anyway | Your NZ

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