Kirton resigning from Labour

Andrew Kirton moved to New Zealand two years ago to run the Labour Party as general Secretary, helped them to an election win and to negotiate a governing deal.

He ran into difficulties in handling of the Labour camp where it was alleged sexual harassment occurred. With the results of an investigation into the camp thought by some to be imminent (of course that could be coincidental), Kirton is leaving Labour.

Newsroom: Labour Party chief resigns

The Labour Party’s general secretary Andrew Kirton announced his resignation this afternoon – after the high of an election win last year and the low of allegations of sexual assault and drunkenness at a Labour Youth Camp in February.

But when Newsroom broke news of the allegations from the summer camp near Waihi, Kirton’s handling of the matter was under intense scrutiny. Labour took what it called a “victim-led” approach to the complaints and no outside investigation was sought.

Newsroom revealed Kirton’s plans at lunchtime today and he announced this afternoon he was heading to a new role as government relations executive at Air New Zealand.

Some eyebrows could be raised over the timing of the announcement, coming at a time when political and media eyes are on Ardern’s new baby at Auckland Hospital.

On the investigation:

Police have been investigating and have indicated a charge may yet be laid against the person accused of the late-night assaults on young party supporters, one as young as 16.

Labour commissioned Wellington lawyer Maria Berryman in March to investigate how it handled the affair, its general culture and any other incidents of sexual harassment or abuse within the party. She had three months to report back and her findings were not to be made public but go to key party leaders.

Berryman only recently spoke to some of the five victims of the assaults at the camp.

So it could be a while before the investigation is completed. Kirton could be gone by then.

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  1. PDB

     /  22nd June 2018

    So we have an internal Labour investigation that is given three months after which it would only report back to the party leaders & after three months the investigator is only now starting to talk to some of the alleged victims? What has she been doing otherwise? Talking to the beer fridge?

    Where is the MSM in doing their own investigations, or are they happy to sit back and wait for the inevitable ‘nothing to see here’ Labour will come up with? Why is there no outrage from people like Alison Mau and the like?

    • Grimm

       /  22nd June 2018

      It’s a girl!!!

    • PartisanZ

       /  23rd June 2018

      Maybe there’s no outrage because National used “nothing to see here folks” so often over, as Zedd would say, 9 loooooooong years, it’s become synonymous with “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?

      • Grimm

         /  23rd June 2018

        Let’s frame that from the left.

        So you’re saying that sexual assualt of teenagers at a labour party camp is just them “crying wolf”?


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