Q+A today – business and trade

On Q+A this morning:

Why is business feeling so gloomy? Surveys show business confidence has been persistently low since the Labour led Government took office. Corin Dann talks to Finance Minister Grant Robertson.

Plus, what could an NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement mean for you? And will European farmers give up some of the subsidies that make trade harder for our food producers? European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom joins us.

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  1. I’ll add links to these interviews later, I’m watching the league test this morning.

  2. sorethumb

     /  24th June 2018

    I heard Barnet banging on about “can’t get skilled workers”

    CORIN You don’t want immigration to fall, though, do you? I just want to say something. I saw you in a speech after the Budget, and you were speaking to a big room of businesspeople – some of the biggest business minds in the country – and you stood up and you said, “Don’t worry about Treasury’s figure or estimation that it will go back to the trend of 12,000.” You were confident it was going to be a lot higher than that.

    JOHN I just think it’s unlikely it will go to 12,000.

    CORIN But it was like you wanted immigration to go up, because you were telling them, “Don’t worry. The demand in the economy is going to stay there. That’s what’s keeping New Zealand afloat.”

    Could be Auckland is a flop: never was going to be a “world class city”. Only driven by immigration?

  3. Zedd

     /  24th June 2018

    M Barnett was just adding to the rhetoric; that under this Govt. ‘Business confidence is down’ BUT is it just a bunch of sore losers.. still in denial, because Natl (& their cronies) lost power ? The workers of Aotearoa/NZ put up with 9 loooooong years of a so-called, ‘Rock Star economy’ that was really only about supporting those on ‘Rock star incomes’
    “Get over it !!” 😦

    • Gezza

       /  24th June 2018

      Has anyone identified which businesses get surveyed & do the surveys record reasons or categories of reasons for their confidence or lack of confidence?

      • Zedd

         /  24th June 2018

        a couple of things identified;
        Moves to increase ‘minimum wage to $20/hr by 2021’
        this Govt. are moving on investment in infrastructure; inc. public transport etc.

        **Goes against the typical Tory/corporate attitudes; cut costs & maximise profits

  4. Blazer

     /  24th June 2018

    Business has the ingrained arrogance that what they think is the prime consideration for Govt policy.
    They slash and burn when it suits them.
    Look at the wealth destruction of Fonterra and FBU…all their own work.
    As for the banks…management should be issued with…masks.


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