Otago regional rates to rise 21%, then 23%

This is a bit of a shock – ORC plan adopted, rates to rise 21.1%

A 21% rates rise is on the cards as the Otago Regional Council finalises its long-term plan.

But wait, there’s more.

General regional council rates will rise 21.1% in the next financial year and are predicted to rise another 22.8% the year after.

Targeted rates will rise 5.4% in the next financial year and 5.7% the following year.

That means that rates of say $200 now would rise to $330 over four years.

The plan includes about $650 million in spending over the next 10 years and tackles new projects such as increased water monitoring, urban water quality initiatives and better preparing the region for climate change.

The cost of going green?

Also in the ODT today: Plans for $200m hotel complex

That’s plans for a hotel in Queenstown. Probably instead of a proposed hotel inn Dunedin, which once again faced vocal opposition and planning approval difficulties.

The man behind a so far unsuccessful bid for a five-star hotel in Dunedin’s Moray Pl has moved his attention to Queenstown.

An Environment Court appeal over his Dunedin five-star hotel planned for a site across the road from the Dunedin Town Hall was withdrawn last month, but he indicated at the time he was not giving up on the project.

Sounds like he has given up on Dunedin, like developers before him.


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  1. MaureenW

     /  28th June 2018

    You are being plundered. Councils shouldn’t be able to increase rates by more than the general cost of living increases. Thieves with vanity projects, and run by incompetents.

    • PDB

       /  28th June 2018

      Councils in this country are out of control with debt – most councilors/mayors are inept and get into council due to a lack of interest by the ratepayers at election time and even if you do vote most of these people are such nobodies that you don’t even know what you’re really voting for. It all has to come to a head at some stage & it will be a disaster for the country when it does.

  2. David

     /  28th June 2018

    Seems fair. You voted for them after all.

  3. councils just arent well funded, they need higher density population and central govt financial support….


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