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3 July 2018


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  1. sorethumb

     /  July 3, 2018

    Meet non-binary Auckland teenager Kahi, and hear what sex, sexuality and gender identity looked like in Te Ao Māori before Pākehā arrived.

    Big Rainbow scene in Aotearoa before Pakeha arrived?

    The Kids Are Going Bi
    Alex is only ever attracted to, and is only interested in establishing emotional relationships with women, but every now and then he gets the “urge” to have no strings attached, “base-level, animalistic sex” with other men.

    And he does, by using a network of websites and known public places that put him “within a vicinity of other men with similar interests”, and which he says many other men in straight relationships use too.

    “There’ll be people that you work with that’ll just slip away at a lunch time, literally go and have sex, be back after lunch and the people around them will be none the wiser.” he says.

    Nic Beets says the phenomenon of ostensibly straight men sleeping with other men is well known by sexuality experts and academics, and that the practice is, “as old as humanity”.