Media watch – Sunday

8 July 2018


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  1. Zedd

     /  8th July 2018

    I listened to RNZ interviews (Wallace C) ‘In Pot Pursuit’ (Med-use) with a patient & doctor.. discussing the topic. The same issues keep coming up:

    1) many doctors are hesitant to give their support, because ‘the evidence is lacking’.. often due to bans on research, until recently; It is still a ‘schedule #1 narcotic’ in USA (supposedly no know medicinal use/value)

    2) the two legally available cannabis drugs (Sativex & Tilray) in NZ are not funded by Pharmac & it is often cheaper & easier to get ‘illegal weed’

    3) med-cannabis still has a stigma attached (esp. when people call it med-MARIJUANA, a slang name usually associated with rec-use only)

    4) ‘western medicine’ usually looks for all the boxes to be ticked, before a drug is approved, apparently some ‘experts’ will not tick all the boxes with cannabis; pain reief, being the main one. This should not stop it being prescribed/used by patients who do seem to get benefit from it.

    5) there does seem to still be concern about THC & patients ‘getting high’ from its use.

    6) the whole debate around using the ‘raw herb’ as in Canada, USA states, parts of EU & some Aust. states, is still mostly ‘off the agenda’ in NZ.. because the idea of smoking it is not acceptable. They ignore the vaping option though

    7) The excessive price is mostly down to the fact, that current ‘approved cannabis drugs’ are produced overseas & imported, from UK & Canada. There is a push to produce med-grade products in NZ, but this still requires the law change

    8) the doctor said he was ‘pro-med use’ but did think it needs more research & trials etc.

    9) the patient said she had discussed its use & had mostly come up against excessive red-tape & the massive cost (>$1000/month)

    10) it was mentioned that cannabis is seen by some more as a ‘therapeutic herb’ rather than ‘medicinal’ (curative).. more inline with; chinese herbal remedies ?

    * It is good to at least heard the discussion going on.. even if the actual issue is still ‘in limbo’ awaiting the outcome of the bill before parliament !


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