Breaking News: all leave voters are thick

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  1. artcroft

     /  9th July 2018

    Just brilliant. Can I vote for him?

  2. Missy

     /  9th July 2018

    A lot of truth in that, it highlights one of the main differences between Leave and Remain voters, something that many Remain voters can’t grasp. Remain voters voted mostly on finance and money, Leave on the idea and principle of sovereignty.

  3. This was timely, I scheduled it for this afternoon not knowing what would be happening today with Brexit. It’s becoming a real brexmess.

  4. wooden goat

     /  9th July 2018

    “All leave voters are thick” – I’d disagree with that!

    I agree with the speaker when he says that sovereignty and people wanting to have laws for Britain *enacted* by Britain was a big thing with Brexiters (of whom I would have been one, had I been a Brit).

    I also believe that Brexiters correctly saw what a complete mess the “open-floodgates” immigration policy has made of Europe, and thought to themselves – “uh-uh – no thanks! That’s not for us!”.
    ( That too ties into sovereignty and wanting Britain to make its *own* laws on immigration – not be under the jackboot of the E.U. ).
    – wooden goat


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