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20 July 2018


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  1. sorethumb

     /  20th July 2018

    From Stephan Molyneaux who is the partner in this (I’m looking at a March 18 piece in the Guardian by David Evans , if anyone wants to google it). He is advocating this alt right view of scientific racism in it he argues that social outcomes are the result of different inate IQ’s among races (high IQ Jews and low IQ black people). Now is that not the very definition of racism, he’s argued that intelligence is linked to race and some races are more intelligent than others?

    Well there are some people who think that. I don’t think that. I’ve never argued that for one single moment. But I think we’re talkinh here not about his particular views but not defending those views. I’m defending the right of free speech. That’s the important issue.

    O.k so would you agree that those views are racist?

    Brash. Ahh I do.

    You are supporting his right to make racist views in New Zealand?

    Ahh Yes.

    O.k I’m putting it to you that that is probably unlawful under the human rights act. It could be contestible but that’s 61 (check it out for yourself)


  2. sorethumb

     /  20th July 2018

    She’s described Hitler as “just a social justice warrior whose happened to get freaky amounts of power”. I mean does that disturb you?

    Don Brash
    Absolutely, I mean Hitler was the most nasty objectionable person. I’m not defending this guys views at all, as I said earlier, I’m defending the right for him to express those views
    here’s what she said in full
    On Adolf Hitler:

    On top of being a whiny art student who scapegoated an allegedly ‘privileged’ race for all his problems, and talked a bunch of violent angry people into siding with him, like any good Social Justice Warrior, Hitler also wished he was a Muslim.
    He might’ve been a nationalist by technicality, but he was more in the New Black Panthers style of “nationalist’ than the Trump style. Frankly, I think today, he’d be one of those low-T Tumblr crazies who join ISIS and end up on the news.
    Everyone likes to complain about Hitler and Mussolini, but everyone forgets that without nationalism, we wouldn’t have a Germany or an Italy to get mad at for Hitler and Mussolini. Without nationalism, we’d probably still be at war with the freaking Habsburg (sic) Empire. Nationalism is what builds societies, and yes, just like how millennials take self-esteem too far, folks like Hitler, Mussolini or Malik Shabazz take nationalism too far.
    I’m not Hitler, figuratively or literally. As far as I’m concerned, Hitler was just a Social Justice Warrior who happened to get freaky amounts of power and actually implement his #KillAllJews (the predecessor to #KillAIIMen) worldview. Basically, if Hitler were writing today, he could’ve avoided all the verbiage in Mein Kampf and just complained about “Jew-splaining” on Tumblr and the message would be the same.

    She seems to be comparing social justice warriors to Hitler?

    • High Flying Duck

       /  20th July 2018

      Poor work from Espiner there – completely out of context.

    • David

       /  20th July 2018

      Espiner lost the argument and reached for Hitler, pretty sad.

  3. David

     /  20th July 2018

    She is so sweet, reminds me very much of our PM..right down to the little ankle boots.

  4. High Flying Duck

     /  20th July 2018

    I’m struggling to work out which is more facile:

    Yesterdays “Breaking News” Headline article from Mike Hosking letting us know Hawaii is no place for a holiday any more.

    or todays “Breaking News” headline article that Mike Hosking is wrong to say Hawaii is no place for a holiday any more

    Is this the level to which we have stooped in our paper of record? I haven’t read either, so I still don’t know whether it is or is not!

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  20th July 2018

      Apparently Hosking got overcharged at his hotel. Presumably the reposte is from someone who didn’t.

      It’s on a par in significance with most articles about Trump.

    • Blazer

       /  20th July 2018

      learn what I learned long ago…when you see Hosking-minute Mike…ignore.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  20th July 2018

      Helen is becoming very vocal on local issues.
      I saw a comment from someone that she is going to run for Mayor. I assume she’d be a shoe in if she did.
      On the article – she’s spot on. If they couldn’t find someone – anyone – without a dishonesty conviction to take on the role there is something sadly wrong with the world.
      Ralph Norris would have been a good pick. 🙂

      • Blazer

         /  20th July 2018

        the due diligence McKay did was very unconvincing…I could imagine some of the recipients of that ‘currency’ giving a very glowing ‘reference’ it were.

  5. Zedd

     /  20th July 2018

    I read that an Aust. father has avoided jail for growing & supplying his daughters will medicinal cannabis (juiced) 30mls at a time.. from press release:

    ‘A father who juiced cannabis to ease the suffering of his two daughters has avoided jail time.’

    ‘Stephen Taylor’s daughters, Morgan and Ariel, both suffer from the auto-immune disease Crohn’s and have been repeatedly hospitalised.’

    ‘Mr Taylor began to grow and juice his own cannabis

    after struggling to find a doctor who would help him through the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) lengthy application process to legally access medical marijuana.’

    ‘Magistrate Stephen Corry told Penrith Local Court he had sympathy for Mr
    Taylor’s situation, but he should not expect the same outcome if he
    persisted growing cannabis.’

    ‘Police alleged Mr Taylor had 107 plants in his backyard when his house
    was raided at the end of 2017.’

    The report says Australia legally regulated medicinal use in 2016, but doctors are still hesitant to prescribe it (mostly due to ignorance/lack of knowledge).. a bit like NZ
    It said a report from the Aust. Federal doctor assn. had cast doubt on its effects & claimed it was ‘no better than a placebo’.. even though many people do claim to get genuine relief from using it; legal or otherwise !