Q+A: piles of recycling problems

On Q+A today:

Coming up at 9am: New Zealanders are rubbish at recycling and now that China is refusing to take the waste we do recycle, piles of plastic are building up all over the country. Corin will ask Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage what the Government will do.

And former Labour MP Georgina Beyer has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union in England later this year – what will she tell the famous debating society?

Plus, last week New Zealand sent a delegation to the UN in Geneva to report on the progress we’ve been making on eliminating discrimination against women. Dr Jackie Blue, NZ’s Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, explains why NZ still gets low marks for our domestic violence record.

Our panel: Josie Pagani, Kaapua Smith and Ashley Church.

This is the last time Q+A wil pay on a Sunday morning. Next week they shift to 9:30 pm on Sunday – I’m less likely to watch it then.

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  1. NOEL

     /  22nd July 2018

    I wonder if they debated the Greens demand for a 60/40 gender “diversity” aim for the NZ public service?

  2. Zedd

     /  22nd July 2018

    Ms Sage taking the same path as Mr Shaw; its all under review & before committees; but the party are clear on their aspirations. BUT; they do need agreement from Lab/NZF (cabinet) to get anything through. At least they are raising these issues, even if they are not getting 100% of what they want.

    Ultimately it is the public who decide, whether to support these initiatives too; stop using ‘single use, plastic shopping bags’ etc. & recycle as much ‘waste’ as possible rather than just dump it all in landfill.. plastics taking 100s years to breakdown ! :/

    • Most people do try to reuse, reduce, recycle, I think. Look at the green bins outside houses on rubbish day,

      Calling supermarket bags ‘single use’ is emotive, as surveys show that most are reused….and supermarkets have big bins for soft plastics. Polyprop bags are just another form of plastic bag. Paper bags use more resources and don’t break down in landfill, as they need oxygen.

      Plastic bags are a soft target, but they can be reused, refilled and recycled….unlike other plastics. It makes no sense to ban them and replace them with cloth bags that have to be used hundreds of times before they cancel themselves out.

      I use tote bags all the time, but can’t tell myself that I am being green by doing so. They are convenient, they look nice….I keep plastic bags in my tote bags in case I need to keep something dry, Plastic bags earn their keep in this house.

      Of far more concern to me is the sort of things that cannot be recycled. Why laminate paper when it doesn’t need it ? This makes it unable to be recycled.

      Towels that I bought recently had the barcode on the label, thus eliminating unneccessary paper labels and the nylon tags that hold these on. A small thing, perhaps, but even so….

      • Zedd

         /  23rd July 2018

        every little effort helps.. I guess 🙂

        • It was in K Mart, and there must be thousands of that brand made….so a lot of paper and whatever those annoying tags are made of was not used . There is nothing that can be done with the tags.

          My pet hate is disposable plates and cutlery, which Countdown still sells (how surprising) Much of this isn’t recylable and I bet that most isn’t. We have all been to dos where it goes straight into a black sack.

          All Countdown is doing is stopping giving away bags (I remember what a game it was to NOT have things put in bags there) and selling other kinds of plastic bags.

          I don’t see why, if plastic has to go into landfill., it can’t be minced up or crushed so that it takes less space and a lot of air isn’t being buried.


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