Media watch – Monday

23 July 2018


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A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy.

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  1. David

     /  July 23, 2018

    Articles today in the Herald and Stuff covering homelessness, being poor, power poverty etc. which is probably the first time sine Ardern cured poverty just by her wonderfulness. She had better release a baby photo quick sharp and halt this dangerous situation.

  2. Zedd

     /  July 23, 2018

    I missed watching it, but I hear on TV that AB7s beat Fiji (22-17) & are through to final against England.. this arvo 🙂

    • duperez

       /  July 23, 2018

      I read Final v England is 12.53pm NZT.

  3. sorethumb

     /  July 23, 2018

    A Sikh Temple in South Auckland is breaking down cultural barriers and uniting people in their community. The Takanini Sikh Society feeds around 3 thousand locals every weekend and distributes the leftovers to the homeless. Now Auckland Council is looking at making the temple a Community Hub for disaster.

    I woke up to this item on Nine to Noon. I’m not criticising the Sikhs but the tone of the item which is gush, gush gush.
    I keep thinking about two facts. One is Robert Putnam’s study on ethnic diversity and social cohesion and the other is the natural desire to be a part of a whanau in a village in a nation.

    Then there’s Kerry McDonald’s The high rate of immigration is a national disaster. It is lowering the present and future living standards of New Zealanders by serious adverse economic, social and environmental consequences., Plus Pigs heads on Uretiti Beach and houses going up in back yards where children once played.

    RNZ is one big advertorial for diversity. No wonder Southern and Molyneaux are toxic waste.

  4. I usually skip the AB hakas, I’m bored with them, but this was worth watching.

  5. Why not?

  6. duperez

     /  July 23, 2018

    On the afternoon where the Herald had a headline “David Cormack: Numbers show National under Simon Bridges ‘starting to hurt” was a Kiwiblog one, “Bridges says Ellis conviction was a miscarriage of justice.” The Herald was tagged 2:32pm the other 2:00pm.

    The tone of the Herald one is a slap, the Kiwiblog one a positive, bold declaration.

    On Saturday on here the headline on the same Bridges/Peter Ellis story had it: “Bridges: Peter Ellis conviction “fundamentally was a miscue”, but too bad.”

    I’d say there’ll be more positive Bridges headlines on Kiwiblog, a shoring up of him.