National replace support for medical cannabis bill with lottery

It was disappointing that Labour wouldn’t get in behind a decent attempt to address hopeless drug laws.

Now National, who voted for the first reading of the Government medical cannabis bill, have decided to pull their support, instead option for their own member’s bill.

Who the hell decided that? Sick and dying people can wait on the chance of a lottery draw?


NZH: National pulls support on medicinal marijuana bill, propose own measure

The National Party will pull its support for a government bill to allow those with terminal conditions to access medicinal marijuana and instead put up its own “more comprehensive” bill on the issue.

The select committee considering the Government’s bill is due to report back on it tomorrow and National had supported it at first reading but said its ongoing support was dependent on what changes were made in select committee.

National leader Simon Bridges said the party had now decided to pull its support for that bill and develop its own measure, which he said would set out a more comprehensive and well researched regime for the use of medicinal cannabis.

“National supports greater access to high quality medicinal cannabis products to ease people’s suffering but we must have the right regulatory and legislative controls in place.

“Among other things, our bill is going to make clear who can buy medicinal cannabis, who can sell it, and exactly how that will work.”

That’s just bollocks Bridges.

And poorly timed with a poll out today showing increased and high public support for something decent to be done.

Now Labour and Greens will be dependent on NZ First to pass a watered down bill.

Extremely disappointing.

And Peters wants to delay things as well by taking cannabis law to a referendum. That’s just about as bad.

We have a Parliament of self interested wimps.

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  1. Griff

     /  24th July 2018

    Lets guess.
    They will specify it must be a medically certified refined product such as sativex ($1100 per prescription) purchased from a drug firm at extraordinary cost for a product based on a herb that can grow wild here .
    Why did they not get heavily involved with the select committee process and re write the existing effort?

  2. Grimm

     /  24th July 2018

    Genius from National.

  3. Geoffrey Monks

     /  24th July 2018

    This might actually be a good thing. If enough of the populace is sufficiently outraged by such self serving bullshit to remember it next time around, maybe those same self serving pricks will be dumped. But, noting that the next election is more than a week away, I guess that is a hopelessly forlorn hope. Sigh.
    I wonder what next item of breaking news will get us excited for an hour or two.

  4. PartisanZ

     /  24th July 2018

    “We have a Parliament of self interested wimps.” …

    No shit Sherlock!

    This one’s really got you fired up PG … and so it should …

    Here doth the burlesque perverseness of demonocracy* show itself …

  5. lurcher1948

     /  24th July 2018

    The national party is allways aware of the middle class and the blue rinse brigade when making decisions.Its got nothing to do with what’s right but only about votes

  6. Zedd

     /  24th July 2018

    I think the Govt. bill still has the numbers to pass with NZF support.. BUT they do need to listen to the submitters & public (87%) that it does not go far enough & should be extended to allow more than just terminally ill patients to get access to cannabis drugs; grown/produced in NZ.. not just a couple of ‘big pharma’ products imported at huge cost from UK/Canada. ‘we have the knowledge/technology’ to produce similar here at a fraction of the cost. There are a couple of companies just awaiting the nod to get going on it: Hikurangi & Helius 🙂

    ‘Team Bridges’ just playing politics AGAIN !

  7. Zedd

     /  25th July 2018

    I just listened to Bridges talking to hosking on this (ZB site) he now says Natl support Med-cannabis; even though they all voted against the Greens bill & are now reportedly pulling their support for the Govt. bill ! (B-S sez i)
    He then said they had a ‘more comprehesive’ bill that he thinks Greens & NZF will support.. but when pressed, he umm’d ahh’d

    Hosking asked ‘is this just playing politics’.. of course Bridges said ‘no’ but really…

    sounds like they are still ‘in denial’. I also noted that they are no longer casting a proxy for ACT ? whilst they are ‘the biggest party’.. this is MMP & they really need to get over their election LOSS.. its been 9 months !! 😀

    • Corky

       /  25th July 2018

      ‘This is MMP & they really need to get over their election LOSS.. its been 9 months !!”

      Nationals problem isn’t losing the election…it’s what they are going to do after winning in 2020. They need a game plan now. Starting with a new leader.

  8. Zedd

     /  25th July 2018

    from the house:

    Dr Shane Reti (Natl) singing praises of Natl’s new found support for med-cannabis & trying to introduce their ‘members bill’.. which no other party has seen or been asked about !
    ** What a total JOKE !!

    Winston (act/PM) rebutted all their nonsense by repeating ‘9 loooong years of doing nothing on the issue… suddenly all in support of THEIR bill’ .. the current bill is a ‘work in progress’ btw; even without Natl’s support this Govt. can still pass the Govt. bill in any agreed form.

    Chloe S (Grns) in Gen. debate saying that her Mbrs bill seemed closer, to what public are now calling for & Natl voted “NO” in a block against it !

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  2. National replace support for medical cannabis bill with lottery — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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