Parliament back – Peters versus Bridges to nowhere

MPs have finished their school holiday (not sure why they get them) and returned to Parliament, but they didn’t make much impact.

Simon Bridges led question time today against the acting Prime Minister, digging away at beneficiaries and sanctions. The  biggest question was unasked – why the hell is Bridges digging himself further into that hole.

On top of that it was a weak performance, almost inept. Possibly thehighlight:

Hon Simon Bridges: So it’s quite clear, is it, that he does not support sanctions, that he thinks beneficiaries should be able to languish on the dole queue?

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS: Which of the two questions would the member like me to answer?

Mr SPEAKER: Well, I couldn’t find one amongst that.

Bridges was completely dominated by Peters.

A break doesn’t seem to have energised Bridges, nor has the opportunity of time out from the House been taken to work out a sensible strategy.

That has not encouraged me to continue checking the rest of the questions. At a glance there is nothing of consequence, and I haven’t seen any media coverage.

This doesn’t auger well for National’s future.


  1. He mentioned 70,000 people who had gone off the dole into work, which is not bad.

    I am unimpressed by Labour giving up on the smokefree target and thinking of making smoking cheaper. Yet another copout by them;

    • PartisanZ

       /  July 25, 2018

      I know what you mean Miss Kitty … Hell, Labour-led will simultaneously do the only realistic thing, since clearly a cohort of the population are never going to stop smoking, over-represented amongst poorer people … and reduce crime … and make shop owners safer … and stifle a developing black market … and actually legislate in favour of personal freedom and responsibility (at current or somewhat reduced excise tax levels) …

      Maintain restrictions on where people can smoke, so it is a victimless activity as much as possible … Maintain cessation funding and options like vaping … Maintain sponsorship and advertising restrictions … just don’t make the price prohibitive … because we know the consequences of prohibition …

      Cancer rates directly related to smoking might continue to decrease or plateau … Doctors will always have to deal with cancer it seems …

      Put some of the excess tax towards … dog attacks (where ‘victimless’ isn’t remotely possible) … alcohol harm … unnecessary cannabis research …

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