The genderqueer Muslim atheist

Some quotes:

‘It’s 2018 and women should be free to do whatever feminists say they can’

‘I have light skin’, he tweeted, ‘yet I know in my heart I am black and act accordingly’.

‘I’ve been secretly putting hormone blockers in my nephew’s Dairylea Lunchables for the past few months. She’ll thank me for it in a few years, you mark my words.’

On the recent rescue of boys from a flooded cave in Thailand:

‘Two British white males at the head of this rescue mission. Their privilege is staggering. Ability counts for shit when there’s zero diversity. I demand they be replaced with two differently abled transgender people of mixed race to offer those children a more empowering experience.’

I can understand there was some jumping up and down in response.

The article is worth reading- THE DEATH OF GODFREY ELFWICK

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  1. It sounds to me as if someone’s trying hard to be shocking – and failing.

  2. They are overdoing the number of things that they supposedly are and do.


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