Latest Lizzie Marvelly rant

From Gezza:

This time it’s another anti-men one – telling women she’s not anti-men.

Occasionally I’ve even been accused of perpetuating hate speech, so perhaps the free speech coalition (or whatever Brash et al are calling themselves these days now that their favourite egregiously offensive speakers have decided not to come to New Zealand) should add me to the list of undesirable rabble-rousers whose free speech rights should be defended to the death.

Although, as I signed Renae Maihi’s petition, I suspect I may fall on the wrong side of the free speech argument, namely as someone whose right to free speech defenders of free speech rather wish they didn’t have to defend.

What the hell does that last sentence even mean?

Recently, however, another accusation of hate has come to light. Apparently, I’m a man-hater. A [male] friend of my partner told her last week that I should write a column about how great men are every couple of months or so to make up for all of the columns I write that give him the impression that I hate men. A kind of “yay for the gents” puff piece to cancel out all of my shrill shrieking would apparently balance the scales.

An old friend of my father also protested to him on the golf course a few months ago that I was being a bit hard on middle-aged white men. Clearly, for some people of the white and male variety, I’ve struck a nerve.

No you haven’t, you are just hearing what a racist, ageist, sexist young bigot you are.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Over the past few years, I’ve heard – from writers much more experienced than myself – that it’s difficult to be a white man these days. “Pale Male Stale is nothing but racism, sexism and ageism wrapped in a pithy phrase,” Jason Krupp wrote in the National Business Review a few years ago.

Oops – there – don’t just take it from me.

Being “an ageing, conservative male” is an “unpardonable sin”, wrote Cameron Slater late last year. People “fair of skin and male of sex” are members of “a despised minority”, Karl du Fresne pontificated in May.

When it comes to pontificating, lady, you leave The Pope in your dust.

It appears that I have added to these gentlemen’s suffering. The least I can do is offer my heartfelt apologies. How challenging it must be to be part of a demographic that is paid more than any other across most sectors, that is better represented than any other in almost every boardroom and in Parliament, and that occupies the vast majority of positions of power in nearly every society.

Unfortunate realities aside, however, I feel that I should set the record straight. I hate inequality. I hate discrimination. I hate sexism and misogyny. But I don’t hate men.

Pull the other one. And the rest of it continues in similar vein.

So this column is for … the good blokes. The ones who support women, who stand up for justice and equality

That’s me 👍🏼

and who don’t interpret advocacy for women’s rights as man-hating.

That’s me too. 👍🏼

Equal pay doing for the same job just as well as any bloke, I’m all for. Should be that way right now. But research & stats actually show that most confident, successful, women are content to be doing what they’re doing, not working 80 hours a week, and not slugging it out in dangerous, so therefore high-paying, jobs, or STEM fields which tend to pay well because they require a high level of training & skill.

But there are plenty of women doctors, lawyers, accountants, and they aren’t sitting on their butts. They’re starting up their own businesses, and standing up for themselves, & busting the boundaries – not just being whining, anti-men bigots, like you.

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  1. artcroft

     /  28th July 2018

    Marvelly enjoys the privilege of a narrow, black and white, tribal world view. Just hate the other side is her ideology. Simples and saves time on actual thought.

    • Blazer

       /  28th July 2018

      As opposed to people like yourself swallowing relentless, right wing propaganda you mean.

      • artcroft

         /  28th July 2018

        No I mean actual thinking. Not just assuming that because someone is male and white they must be seen as an enemy and attacked rather than treated as an individual. Marvelly actually practices the opposite of her equality, tolerance and diversity loving gospel.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  28th July 2018

    There are few as privileged as Marvelly or as oblivious to it.

    • Isn’t she a bore ? Stuck in the 70s…I wonder if she sees her lesbianism as a political statement. I never could work that one out, as it’s hard to imagine changing from fancying men to fancying women to make a political statement. I know a lesbian couple well, and they are that way because they love each other, not because they are trying to make a point to people who won’t give a stuff anyway.

  3. PDB

     /  28th July 2018

    Good piece Gezza – most of any inequality nowadays comes from a difference in priorities between the two sexes (if indeed only 2 still remain today…).

    In terms of equality people like Marvelly think that if there are 4 positions available at a business and 200 men apply and only 2 women do then regardless of suitability the 2 women should automatically get 2 of the positions.

    The Telegraph: “In the report – called Feminist Myths and Magic Medicine – she said: “Equal opportunities policies have succeeded in giving equal access for women to the labour market.
    “People are confusing equal opportunities with equal outcomes, and there is little popular support for the kind of social engineering being demanded by feminists and legislators.”

  4. David

     /  28th July 2018

    Good contribution Gezza but I cant help feeling a little resentful at having to have read something this young lady has written. If she had something insightful or challenging to contribute I would approach it with an open mind.

  5. Great contribution. Nothing to add except she’s let her bitterness at her pop career stalling creep into her political writing. I’ve no idea why anyone in the Press perseveres with her.

  6. Rickmann

     /  1st August 2018

    Why bother ? How many people actually read her crappy column ?

  7. JT

     /  4th August 2018

    The NZ herald should be ashamed of giving this writer a platform. Seemingly, they do this just to provoke response from level minded folk who are informed enough to realize the error in so many of her theories. I’m not just talking about this piece.The problem of course, is that equality is no longer a cause for this kind of person, it has kind of become their career. Their paychecks depended on there being patriarchy and oppression everywhere they look.
    Roll your sleeves up and make a positive contribution for a change

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