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  1. Gezza

     /  July 28, 2018

    6.25 am.

    Clear skies & bright stars in the west, could just see the disc of the moon, quite low down, one hand above the western hills, 10 minutes ago – but now it’s completely obscured by a blimmin huge, dark cloud bank.

    Drat. Typical bloody Wellington, turning on unlovely skies for a rare astronomical event.

    Might be unlucky even if the skies do clear. Looks like the moon will be too low on the horizon for me to see. Is probably going to move down below the western hills.

    I blame Trump. 😠

    • Gezza

       /  July 28, 2018

      Yep. There’s a faint white glow in the clouds coming from the moon and it’s sitting, south-west, right down on top of the western hills. It’s going to be well below them,completely out of sight, by 8 am.

      You Nz eclipse watchers are going to need to look for the moon very low – south-west – near the sea-level horizon I think. ☹️

      6.43 am

    • I blame the parents.

      • Gezza

         /  July 28, 2018

        Kitty, Jojo has now completed her work on that branch twig I posted the pic of.

        She’s now stripped the bark off it completely & professionally laid the 4 long bark strips out on the lawn on either side of it.

        Its kanuka, I think. It’s got a nice, attractive looking dark-striped grain inside. I’ve brought it inside to dry it out & I figure out something arty to do with it.

        She’s not interested in eating any of the bark. She’s just done this to amuse herself – for something to do.

        Pickles is the same. For no practical, reason he is still picking up the little clay pot and dragging it out onto the lawn from wherever I wedge it in with some cut pavers up aginst the house footing – just for something to do.

        Intrigues me how these two pook kids have evolved their own favourite little amusements.

        • Gezza

           /  July 28, 2018

          Wandering comma! 😡

        • Gezza

           /  July 28, 2018

          The 5 pooks have all left the yard, & gone back to the stream. I just went out to the fence to see if I could see any eels & to close the gate to the stream.

          There haven’t been any eels around for the last couple of days, even when I threw some meat chunks in from up top.

          3 of the pooks were upstream on the far side, though, & they saw me, so Sweety walked & swam quietly back down thru the wai & walked up the bank to just below me for a quiet little hopeful peep-chat. I told her it was time for sleeps. She looked a bit downcast but she’s had plenty of kai here today.

          The other pooks two also started to walk downstream. It’s getting very dark & its hard to tell what’s just a branch or shadow under the water, but as they walked along the now-muddy clay-coloured shallow water where the eel stump used to be, I saw the unmistakeable undulating form of a large, dark, eel moving silently upstream. They walked right past it.

          The eels never seem to go for the pooks. I’ve only ever seen one try & nip or nudge a pukeko. The pukeko instantly plunged its head down angrily & stabbed it hard, right behind the head, & it recoiled & fled immediately. That eel probably won’t ever try that again.

          • Serve it right, the big bully.

            I am impressed that Jojo can do that. You could drill it out and make a whistle.

            Fluffy, a little dog in India, could shell peas. Mine loves peas, but thinks that they come in a plastic bag from the deep freeze. Poor Fluffy once took a chili by mistake, but they retreived it before he opened it and had a horrible surprise.

            • Gezza

               /  July 28, 2018

              It’s not long enuf for a decent flute or revorder or even a fife, & I don’t have a drill bit long enuf. Too complicated. It’s actuall dry already. Its got a beautiful line & circle carved groove amongst its grain pattern that appears to be where she began her bark stripping work.

              I’ve signed it “Jojo” across one round end. I’m going to put some resin in the two small cracks, polyeurethane it, drill a hole thru each end & make a bird perch – either hung from my camellia on thin rope, like a swing, or extending out somewhere above head level from my patio pergola on No 8 wire, or a section of steel mesh – if I still have either in the shed.

            • Gezza

               /  July 28, 2018

              Jojo’s sculpture work: