No Q and A today

There is no Q+A today. It’s tonight instead. They have moved it from Sunday morning to Sunday night at 9:30 pm. They are promoting it as a great move to prime time.

That isn’t prime time for me. A 9:30 pm start means a 10:30 pm finish. I’m unlikely to join them.

And it means they they don’t have their evening news maker.

So far I can’t even see what tonight’s interviews will be.


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  1. Gezza

     /  29th July 2018

    And it means they they don’t have their evening news maker.

    That’s a really good point, PG. Something from Q&A ALWAYS features as a headline item on their Sunday 1ewes at 6. Even when there’s absolutely nothing of any real news value they manufacture something sensational from it.

    Agree about the time slot too. I dunno what audience they’re aiming at but many a poppa & nana will probably be in bed & snoring already.

    I’ve got mostly bored with it, but I’m more likely to switch it on on a Sunday morning with a coffee & toast than at 9.30 pm at night when I’m most likely needed on here to straighten some idiot out. 😉

    • Gezza

       /  29th July 2018

      AHA! Tvnz’s cunning plan was revealed on 1ewes tonite. Peter Williams “interviewed” Corin Dann, concerning Sean Spicer, Trumpy’s first loyal little Press Pug, for whom I developed great affection, who told him that Sean will be on Q&A tonite, extolling his former master’s virtues, & justifying their jointly ludicrous lies that first embarrassing big one about the size of Trumpy’s inauguration crowd.

      Corin also got to advertise that Winston Peters will also appear – to do whatever it is that Winston does – which is usually to take pot shots at the interviewers & political rivals, &, I think, that the National Party’s Conference & and desperate attempts to justify appointing Simon Bridges as leader will get dissected for anything of possible interest.

      So … they have shifted it to a nightime time slot to be able advertise it on the evening news!

      A plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it & call it a weasel! 😎

  2. sorethumb

     /  29th July 2018

    Imagine if we had real time technology plus Realme certification to give instant feedback. They wouldn’t welcome that because the media lead us around by the nose. They are public opinion.

  3. Zedd

     /  29th July 2018

    I agree.. I prefer sunday a.m. too

  4. David

     /  29th July 2018

    Not watched it or the Nation for a few years now just found it frustrating that instead of teasing out and giving time for politicians to articulate it was an attack attack attack to produce a soundbite for the evening news.
    I am loving the world of podcasts and I think that is where the future lies, listening to interesting and influencing people/MPs in a long format is quite a revelation and these Sunday shows could have followed suit.


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