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  1. Gezza

     /  31st July 2018

    I’m usually up quite early in the morning & I leave a latched window slightly open in the kitchen, which means I often hear the first bird chirping or trilling to herald the start of the Dawn Chorus, as one solitary bird gets joined in song by other birds from up & down the stream & other points of the compass, before the still, dark morning air soon gets filled with the usual train & traffic noises of the day.

    In the last few days this has been the case. But something I’ve found intriguing is that I noticed that – for the past month or two – there was no Dawn Chorus. It’s only started up again in the last few days. I wonder why that is.

  2. The Goldfinch Relays are starting later with the lighter evenings. They used to begin at 10 to 5, never more than a minute out either way, I have no idea why the nipping between two trees is done, but it’s a colourful sight.

    The choir may have decided that singing at that hour in a Wellington winter was a mug’s game.

    • Gezza

       /  31st July 2018

      I was quietly watching, amused at Jojo, after four of them had all had their wheat breakfast this morning. She was atop the low trellis opposite the kitchen, head over the edge, biting determinedly at one of the slats.

      There’s no moss or insects or anything nutritionally worthwhile that she’s going after. A week or so ago I videoed her biting the green handle of the orange bucket full of water I had out there for them to drink from, lifting it up & down, trying to see if she could pull it off.

      Pickles was the same when he was two months younger. Everything got bitten & pulled or pushed to see if anything fun or interesting could be done with it. Like all other young animals, left alone they sometimes just love to explore & play for their own amusement.

      • What fun they are. I am admiring waxeyes and dunnocks in the big tree and hoping that they aren’t eating the leaf buds.

        The bird table menu today included caramel popcorn again (what a sweet, sickly smell it has, ugh) as I went to Pak & Save yesterday and bought two bags of it (nobly, as I loathe the smell of caramel; it takes 2 breadbags to keep it in)

        (snf) I found a poor little dead goldfinch on the pavement; a tiny one, about the size of the first joint of my thumb. I picked it up and dropped it into a handy flowerbed, as it looked as if it had been walked on and I hated the thought of this…it’s now going back to nature.

        • The Innercity Slum nests are still there. Somebird’s made a half-arsed effort to insulate one with some insulating fluff shreds…put where they will do no good at all. It’s a good thing that the winter’s been so mild.

          The sight of the grey warbler sitting yakking away to a friend and then sitting basking alone in the sun was a pleasant one. Housework can wait.

        • Gezza

           /  31st July 2018

          Aspen, Sweety & Jojo are spread out on the lawn right now, having a quiet little groom in the steady, light rain that’s been falling out of the leaden sky for the last hour.

          The rain droplets just run off their backs so they don’t mind & don’t bother getting under shelter.

          Bluey’s left. He’s funny when I toss out some bread. He’s been the main caregiver, nest warmer & protector when both the pooklets have been born, and the main feeder. He’d take food to them before he had any himself. But once they reach about two months old and can feed themselves he suddenly just flatly refuses to share HIS food and will walk away from a pestering pooklet.

          The pooklets can get away with just walking up and taking food off the other parent birds until they’re at least four months old, before they start saying “Nuh uh – this is mine!”

          Pickles is absent this afternoon. And Aspen took a big chunk of wet wholemeal bread when he was here on his own this afternoon, jumped up onto the fence and disappeared along the bank with it, instead of eating it himself. Most of the ducks are missing from the stream too, lately. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some pook and duck eggs in nests being incubated.


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