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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. Gezza

     /  1st August 2018

    Ok – there’s been no sign of Pickles now since early yesterday morning. If he was nest-sitting he would have turned up when the others returned to the stream after their breakfast cereal, but he hasn’t showed. He & Jojo – the kids – have been first to arrive in the mornings lately.

    There have been some family squabbles on the lawn between his mum & him over the past 3 weeks or so, some of them stand-up fights, and occasionally Aspen (who’s a pretty laid-back dude as pukekos go) has also chased him around the lawn a couple of times for reasons unknown – but the other day all 5 were here & it looked like things had settled down, there were no squabbles.

    The other four are all just giving me blanks looks when I ask where he is. Maybe he’s reached an age when he’s forcefully been told to move on & find his own patch, but I haven’t heard any big fights. I’ve never seen him or any of the others wander all the way out onto the streets. The stream & surrounds are extensive enuf to keep them occupied & in the general stream area.

    So, I’m now officially worried about Pickles. I’ll try calling him today.

    • Let’s hope that he has met a nice girl and been taken home to meet the olds.

    • Pickled Possum

       /  1st August 2018

      Have you found pickles yet?
      Do you remember when timmy called me pickled brains? Haha that was so funni.

      • Gezza

         /  1st August 2018

        Shit. WordPress just completely lost a reply I typed out. It does that from time time. Gives a message something about PHP or some meaningless rot. Sometimes you can press the back button & it’s gone thru & appears, other times it’s just disapoeared completely into cyberspace.

      • Gezza

         /  1st August 2018

        Anyway, whatever. Start again.

        No, Pickly Boy hasn’t been here at all today. All the others have. Jojo’s even turned up in the yard on her own once.

        Pickles was born on 3 January, right over the fence, halfway down the parenga in a nest hidden in the then-copious coprosmia. He’s been here numerous times every day since he was born & his sleeping nests have all been within earshot over the stream. If I called any of them he’d turn up too.

        He’s been venturing further afield of late upstream (which is into a different pook whanau territory). He’s been copping stick from his mum a lot lately. He’s six months old now & he’s about the same size as her. He’s also been getting a bit ratty with his little sister at times.

        My best hope is that he’s been made to move on because instinct is making the other adults drive him to his own new patch to prevent him trying to breed with his mum. He’s possibly old enuf to try. Sweety’s on heat again (or whatever the bird equivalent is).

        There’s precious little detailed behavioural research on these birds available online. I’ve read that their behaviour varies from group to group & location to location somewhat, depending on their environment & maybe it’s a question of the space & food resources & the availability of genetically unrelated mates.

        I don’t think he’s coming back. He’s my first pook baby ever. I hope he’s ok.


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