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  1. Joe Bloggs

     /  9th August 2018

    The arrest of Republican Chris Collins for insider trading would be hilariously ironic if it weren’t symptomatic of the deep rot within the GOP.

    The irony? Collins was the first member of Congress to support trump for president… aaand go figure…. when the investigation into his insider trading was first announced, Collins dismissed it as a “partisan witch hunt”. Now where have I heard that before? 😀

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  9th August 2018

      Doesn’t sound as though Collins actually did any trading though. Prosecutors would presumably have to show he benefited in some way from trades other people did or that he was conspiring with them for that purpose.

      • Blazer

         /  10th August 2018

        steal a little and they’ll put you in jail…steal a lot and you’ll get a knighthood or some other honour.

    • Pink David

       /  9th August 2018

      Strange kind of insider trading that sees him lose $17m.

  2. Joe Bloggs

     /  9th August 2018

    Would you talk to us in a boat?
    Would you talk to my pet goat?
    Would you talk to us under oath?
    Conspiracy? Obstruction? Neither? Both?

    No, I want it all my way.
    I have nothing more to say.

    (Apologies to Dr Seuss)

  3. PartisanZ

     /  9th August 2018

    ‘A major new war is looming — and this one sits worryingly across the ditch’ – Heraldo

    “But what are the four “flashpoints” — and how bad is the situation?”

    South China Sea, East China Sea, Korean Peninsula & Taiwan …

  4. sorethumb

     /  9th August 2018

    Mysterious radio burst from space baffles scientists

  5. sorethumb

     /  9th August 2018


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