Need for a Space Force?

Donald Trump pledged to ‘drain the swamp’, but he has become keen on setting up a whole new branch of the US military – a Space Force. It has been pointed out that what he proposes is already being covered by existing branches of the military.

Is it a big waste of money?

What does ‘Space Force’ actually mean? I have concerns if there are going to be armed satellites floating around above us, especially if they are nuclear armed. I have enough concerns about what a president like trump might deliberately do, and more concerns should an armed satellite drop out of orbit.

Would it trigger a space arms race? If Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan, North Korea or Iran join the new space race that would be a much bigger concern.

Any of this is possible – we are sending rockets into space from New Zealand.

Reuters: Going where no president has gone before, Trump wants Space Force by 2020

President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday announced an ambitious plan to usher in a new “Space Force” as the sixth branch of the military by 2020, but the proposal was scorned by opponents and may struggle to get liftoff in a divided Congress.

Trump has strongly championed the idea of creating a space-focused military service with the same stature as the Air Force and the Army, turning his dreams of a “Space Force” into a rallying cry for supporters at political events.

The Space Force would be responsible for a range of crucial space-based U.S. military capabilities, which include everything from satellites enabling the Global Positioning System (GPS) to sensors that help track missile launches.

But critics view its creation as an unnecessary and expensive bureaucratic endeavor, a vanity project that simply strips away work already being done effectively by services like the Air Force.

One of the arguments in favor of devoting more resources to a Space Force or Space Command is that American rivals like Russia and China appear increasingly ready to strike U.S. space-based capabilities in the event of a conflict.

“It is becoming a contested war fighting domain and we have to adapt to that reality,” Mattis said.

Multi country nukes orbiting above us makes me feel very uneasy.

Trump may fancy himself as supreme leader of spacer as well as leader of Earth, but there is a lot more at stake than his ego.


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    • Er, shouldn’t space be neutral and not belong to anyone ?

      I hate the idea of it being taken over by people like Trump and used as a nuclear weapons repository. What hubris.

  1. Zedd

     /  11th August 2018

    ‘Space.. the final frontier.. these are the voyages of the Starship Trumperprise’..
    more nonsense/fiction from the master B-Ser himself !!

    Whats next ‘Arm the photon torpedoes.. there’s Klingons off the starboard bough’ ?

  2. Blazer

     /  11th August 2018

    plenty of space cadets …available to man the rockets.

    • Well, many Earthlings believe that there are aliens out there, so they could be recruited as mercenaries.

      Some of the ones who have visited Earth spoke 100 languages, so there’ll be no communication difficulty there.

  3. Pink David

     /  11th August 2018

    ” It has been pointed out that what he proposes is already being covered by existing branches of the military.”

    Just because it is covered by the existing branches, does not mean it’s the most effective solution. The Marine Corp does things that are covered by the other branches, yet still exists. The Strategic Air Command used to be a major branch of the US military, but it no longer exists.

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  11th August 2018

    There’s a lot of energy waiting to be harvested in space. Inevitably it will be and will need to be managed peacefully and equitably. So will the powers it confers. Some kind of space policing will be necessary. Trump is right to highlight the need for the US to be proactive there.

  5. PartisanZ

     /  11th August 2018

    The need for military-industrial spending to prop up the American economy …

  6. Blazer

     /  11th August 2018

  7. FarmerPete

     /  11th August 2018

    The prospect of and EMT delivered from space is very sobering. It would appear that 2 or 3 nations might be developing such technology.


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