Australian politics: breaking, breaking, breaking

11:20 am

11:33 am

: Malcolm Turnbull has won back Australia’s leadership after declaring it vacant

11;55 am

: Malcolm Turnbull’s rival Peter Dutton has quit Cabinet after failing to win a challenge for Australia’s leadership

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  1. MaureenW

     /  21st August 2018

    Wonder what’s going on with Australia and their PM’s? I think everyone since Howard has been challenged, knifed or replaced.

  2. Gezza

     /  21st August 2018

    What a mess. They’ll both have to go. 😡

    Who else have they got? 😳

  3. Reply
  4. For goodness sake. Not only embarrassing for our country as a whole, but extremely concerning. They receive excellent remuneration for their efforts, and I can’t say I’m pleased with how they spend their time.


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