Aussie update – leadership mess continues

It looks like political chaos in Australia.

Winston Peters visited in the middle of the leadership mess.

Newshub: Winston Peters foils Julie Bishop’s attempts to end press conference

Winston Peters foiled Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s attempts to end a joint press conference on Wednesday afternoon, and cracked a joke about leadership spills.

Ms Bishop told reporters she’d take one last question, and was asked by a reporter whether she was “working the phones” like Peter Dutton – who yesterday lost a leadership contest to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“I have been in a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and Winston can attest that during that meeting I’ve not made one phone call,” Ms Bishop said.

Mr Peters said earlier in the press conference that no matter the outcome on the leadership front, “we want to see Australia a strong, helpful leadership influence in the Pacific upon which we rely.”

“We depend upon Australia more than you depend upon us but that said, our two countries are seriously significant in how the future of this part of the world turns out.”

But even then he wasn’t finished, making a final comment:

“As a politician when you go into a spill you’ve got to take your abacus, thank you very much.”

But that wasn’t the final say on that.

And ikt’s certainly not the last say on a bloody political mess:

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  1. artcroft

     /  23rd August 2018

    Apparently Turnbull’s already gone. Ho Hum.

    • Corky

       /  23rd August 2018

      He will be leaded at 12 noon tomorrow ( Aussie time), Arty. Such an auspicious time..when better to send a man to meet his maker.

  2. MaureenW

     /  23rd August 2018

    It surprises me there are those continually challenging the Aust PM Leadership. The only thing that seems to be assured is being knifed and deposed.

  3. Patzcuaro

     /  23rd August 2018

    Interesting thoughts from Rudd and Howard.

    “The key ingredient for the loss of faith identified by both former leaders is immaturity — an immaturity and naivety of a new class of conviction-free political careerists with little or no real-world experience. This new class fights internal factional battles like games and is prepared to pull the trigger of the “numbers game” too readily, without regard to the transactional costs for the governing party or risk to the national interest.”

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  23rd August 2018

    In Australia, the media have got the politicians they deserve.

  5. MaureenW

     /  23rd August 2018

    Looks like 3 are joining in the clamour now – Dutton, Julia Bishop and Scott Morrison. Hopefully they’ll all get a turn before Christmas.

  6. Traveller

     /  23rd August 2018

    Winnie. Surprised he has the nerve to talk numbers. This is the man who for “7 long years” didn’t check his mail or ba Pm k account and see he was being paid at up to $30,000 over the odds.

    Cheeky bugger.

    • Blazer

       /  24th August 2018

      we all owe Winston alot Trav.
      We now have a Govt we can all be proud of,instead of that last self serving,venal mob looking for self aggrandisement.

  7. Maggie Wilkinson

     /  24th August 2018

    People in Australia almost at the end of their residential process are now in limbo because Dutton has left his post…incompetent, Family unable to leave Australia etc.


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