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23 August 2018


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  1. Gezza

     /  23rd August 2018

    A fight among students led to police being called to an Auckland high school on Thursday. Inspector Tony Wakelin from Counties Manukau police said officers were called to Rosehill College in Papakura at 2.09pm. A number of police staff attended, but those those allegedly involved had dispersed by the time they arrived.

    “Police were carrying out area inquiries on surrounding streets when they were called back to the college again just before 2.40pm but there were no students fighting upon our arrival.” Police remained at the school afterwards and made inquiries in the area.

    One 17-year-old student said there had been a number of fights at the college in recent months. “There was another fight at the school yesterday and most of us students believe today’s fight was related to that. I feel like the level of fighting has changed a lot during my time here.”

    The student said the lockdown alarm sounded at lunchtime and pupils were told to remain inside classrooms.

    WTF’s this about? Who’s doing all the fighting? What’s it over?

    • Gezza

       /  23rd August 2018

      Police will be present at Rosehill College tomorrow after massive brawl with around 150 fighters
      Reports of fighting at an Auckland high school were enough for police to turn up twice this afternoon. / Newstalk ZB

      Police plan to have a strong presence at Rosehill College tomorrow morning following fears from students and parents after violent brawls at the school. Inspector Tony Wakelin told the Herald police are aware of safety concerns from students and parents and said police will be present at the school as a precautionary measure.

      Around 150 people were allegedly involved in a fight at the South Auckland high school this afternoon with sickening footage of the violent brawl circulating on social media. he fight broke out about 2pm. There are claims it involved both students and parents.

      Video footage posted on Facebook shows a large group of students in uniform attacking each other with punches and kicks.

      Wakelin said police are making inquiries into today’s incidents at the school and said it is too early to comment on the circumstances.

      “We appreciate there are a number of different reports around what happened at the school and that is why we are looking further into the matter to establish any person’s potential involvement,” he said.

      A parent of a student at the college who is too scared to send his daughter back to class tomorrow told the Herald the fight was believed to be in retaliation to another fight between two male students yesterday. “There was a big fight yesterday and one kid in particular got bashed over, then his parents came down with weapons to the school today, basically as retribution I am guessing.”

      Two students from the school also reported that the parents were from rival gangs, believed to be the Mongrel Mob and Black Power.
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  2. Gezza

     /  23rd August 2018

    After four thefts in three weeks, Laura Pendergrast struggles to sleep. The mother of four young children thinks the thieves must be targeting their Ngāruawāhia home. “It feels like it’s escalating and I have no idea why. We don’t have any enemies and keep to ourselves,” she said the day after the latest incident.

    Laura and husband Doug moved from Hamilton into the rent-to-buy house in Whatawhata Avenue three years ago. They quickly settled into the quiet street, enjoying their retired neighbours who watch out for one another. “There are great people here. We love living in Ngāruawāhia. Everyone is friendly and kind.”

    The only problem they’d had was a break-in two years ago, when a PlayStation was stolen while the family slept. But three weeks ago, belongings began disappearing. First it was the lawnmower, nabbed from the back porch. A parcel a courier company said was delivered vanished from the letterbox. Then, last week, Doug’s new bike was stolen. He’d bought it to cycle the 30km round trip to work at a powder-coating factory on Te Rapa Straight. It was a blow for the single-income family, which has one car.

    A fence was built along the boundary and Laura and Doug think it gave the thieves a chance to slip through. It’s also meant parking their car on the road. And on Wednesday night, that became the latest victim. Laura was home alone with the children – aged six, four, two and six months – while Doug worked a night shift. She woke to banging on the door. It was the neighbour’s 21-year-old daughter. She had been driving past and spotted someone on the corner acting as a “lookout”. Another figure fled in the Pendergrasts’ car. “She turned the car around, drove off after them, swerved in front to cut them off and hit the fence. “One of the guys jumped the fence and got away.”

    The daughter then alerted Laura, who phoned police, but was told they were unable to attend. “All the windows on the car are smashed, the glove box was open, and everything was upturned.”I don’t feel safe at all. It took me ages to get to sleep last night.”

    On Thursday morning, Laura and Doug spotted two men matching the description of the car-theft pair. Doug followed them to town and contacted police, who have since told the Pendergrasts they have spoken to the men.

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    Who’s following up on this?