Blog professionalism?

A bit of an insight into moderation on a political blog:

For better or worse new Zealands media coverage of politics is really quite pathetic. And national probably aren’t much better. The way to deal with this is to only have a press release or an announcement AFTER you have found the person responsible.

It’s a bit like moderating this site. People really have little idea how much is dealt with silently and we only leave a trace of where we have been when it serves a purpose. This maintains a certain professionalism, hopefully.

Bridges needs to become the silent assassin that Key was but I’m afraid he cant. After sitting in a room with him for half an hour you realise that he likes to be the center of attention.

Notably “how much is dealt with silently” and “when it serves a purpose”. , alongside “media coverage of politics is really quite pathetic”.

They claim to be ” a multi-award-winning media organisation”, but the award promoted is from 2014, and a lot has changed at Whale Oil since then, for example a lot of dealing with things silently, like suppression to serve a purpose (their commenter purges were in 2014).

Their ‘About‘ could do with a bit of updating. I think that “undeniably a major player in political views and news” and “the fastest-growing media organisation in New Zealand” – tidying that up should maintain a certain professionalism.



  1. Patzcuaro

     /  August 28, 2018

    Bridges is not the only one who likes to be the centre of attention.

  2. Gezza

     /  August 28, 2018

    Exerpt from the WO link in post:

    “If you have to say your leadership has strong support, then you don’t.

    He said police told him they would ensure the person had all the wraparound support they needed. End quote.

    Gay. He should be hunting down this person and cutting their throat.”

    Uh huh. Yes. Very professional. :/

  3. Loki

     /  August 28, 2018

    Hilarious, it is universally recognised by all of us who have over the years spent a bit of time with him that he is without a doubt the laziest person any of us have encountered, add to that the industrial levels of made up rubbish and crazy plans for greatness mixed with a breathtakingly wide selfish streak.
    Any hope that updating to a more realistic state of affairs is like trying to play pool with rope.
    He is a mild amusement now, a grotesque fringe sideshow.