Shane Jones versus Christopher Luxon

Jacinda Ardern has just appointed Air NZ CEO Christopher Luxon to head a new business advisory council – see Ardern announces Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council.

It’s worth looking back to March 2018:  Shane Jones takes aim at Air New Zealand board, CEO Christopher Luxon

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has taken aim at the board of Air New Zealand, with his sights set on chairman Tony Carter first.

“Obviously you’d start with the chairman … I’m telling that board, in terms of the growth and connectivity in provincial New Zealand, it will not increase unless that board changes,” Jones told RNZ this morning.

“Do not poke your nose into the political boxing ring unless you’re going to resign today and join the ranks of the National Party. This is a legitimate issue on behalf of those provincial areas who have been shortchanged. I’ve said all along, my focus is on the board.”

Luxon has now joined the advisory ranks of the Labour led Government. Did NZ First approve of this? presumably so.

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  1. Corky

     /  28th August 2018

    Jonsey has the fever. And he will make sure you hear about it. Post 2020 will be hard for him.
    Still, he will be able to look back on a time when he was somebody…somebody with a billion bucks of our money.

    • David

       /  28th August 2018

      If I was Jones and had that huge fund of his I would be securing a cosy retirement with some low energy directorships,nudge nudge wink wink. He wont be in parliament next term.

      • Corky

         /  28th August 2018

        Agreed. He needs to realise he’s not as good as his ego tells him. Money in the right hands; some perk post parliament employment options is where he should be aiming. Everyone else
        in this government must realise the writing is on the wall. They need to tell Jones.

  2. David

     /  28th August 2018

    I think Jones has little credibility, the media enjoy him because he says ridiculous things and keeps them amused. His lioning of the regions seems to be concentrated in the north or funding tribes to grow trees so he needs to actually deliver something except verbosity, pomposity or an image of himself “fiddling” on the taxpayer dime.

  3. PartisanZ

     /  28th August 2018

    Modern-day management of the FIIRE economy on behalf of corporate-political elites is all about walking tightropes while simultaneously playing the field … sometimes as an appeasement safety net …

    Jonesy walked the tightrope …

    Now Jacinda’s playing the field …

    I don’t think anyone needs to worry about AirNZ’s board and CEO “JOINING the ranks of the National Party” …

    They’d be paid up members one and all I reckon … or at the very least staunch National voters …


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