National target Government over committee can kicking

The National opposition has increased criticism on the Government over the many working groups, reviews, inquiries and committees they have set up. Labour has tried to play down the assistance they have sought.

The big news from Jacinda Ardern’s business confidence speech yesterday was the announcement of the setting up of a ‘business advisory council’. A chairman only has been announced so far.

This was a day after National launched this Twitter campaign:

Simon Bridges reacted to the Business Advisory Council announcement:

This means a third of the economic announcements so far from this Govt are working groups.

That brings the total number of working groups set up by this Govt on business issues to 10 & counting. This gives businesses no certainty.

I think the PM needs a new rubber stamp. The “set up a committee” one is wearing out.

The Government have a problem reacting to this, as the results of the many committees will not be known for months or years.

The Opposition campaign has been running for months.

The bill for the Government’s constant outsourcing of its job to 152 working groups and reviews has reached $170 million so far, with a third still to be costed, National Leader Simon Bridges says.

What’s worse is the Government doesn’t know the cost of over a third of the 152 working groups and reviews announced to date.

“This is a Government caught badly unprepared and New Zealanders are now paying an exorbitant price. And now we know Ministers are ordering reviews and setting up groups without even knowing what they will cost, while the reviews are coming back with recommendations for more reviews.

The Government has sometimes responded.

I saw Ardern disputing National’s numbers last week but can’t find coverage of that.

Every Government sets up external groups too help them research and set policies and to investigate issues of concern. When National took over Government in 2008 they used a lot of committees etc.

But it does seem that there have been a lot announced since the Labour led Government took over last year, and national will no doubt keep highlighting any new ones.

The Government will have to get some tangible outcomes, but that may be some time off yet.

One of their major reviews is on the tax system, but whatever that recommends Labour has committed to make no tax changes this term.

The Government is at risk of being seen as synonymous with committee can kicking down the road. Until they start getting tangible outcomes from all these advisory groups and reviews the Opposition are likely to keep hammering away.

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  1. David

     /  29th August 2018

    Every time she sets up one of these business committees/advisory groups after making another great speech she receives glowing headlines from most of the opinion writers and then business confidence slips lower.
    Sooner or later she is going to have to accept that business has no confidence in her and there is nothing she can do about heading the most ill prepared government we have ever seen. Leave the settings alone and spend more time with the baby we will be fine if you just leave things alone.

      • David

         /  29th August 2018

        The Herald,s Dann was effusive and Stuff had half a dozen glowing opinion pieces. She would be better off just actually doing something, anything, I would fire Bolger and his inquiry as probably the easiest and quickest way to move the dial. There is no group who thinks they are getting the collective agreement, there is no one union who thinks they are the chosen one and pretty much no one wants to go back to the 70s.
        Standing up to the unions might help her along too with their daft 16% pay demands.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  29th August 2018

          Liam Dann has been a full on cheerleader since the election. He stated business confidence was just a hissy fit due to change of government, and now posits that the change of Elephant to Neon Sign was an adequate reset.

          Funniest thing was the Westpac boss telling business to get over the election and buck up – his comments were reported in Stuff and then pulled very quickly when they realised pissing off their client base was perhaps not a PR coup.

  2. Blazer

     /  29th August 2018

    as a rule upporters have no time for Hickey…but now..

  1. National target Government over committee can kicking — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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