Q+A: Grant Robertson on business confidence

Minister of Finance Grant Robertson was interviewed about business confidence.

“I don’t believe low business confidence is affecting economic growth. NZ will meet growth forecasts”.

Committed to current debt target, not expecting to go over it. Even if Govt did go into more debt, NZ would be in good shape.

Doesn’t agree with Shane Jones’ comments about Air NZ boss Christopher Luxon

Full interview:


Panel discussion:  Professor Jennifer Curtin, Shamubeel Eaqub and Fran O’Sullivan with our host Corin Dann

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  1. Gerrit

     /  3rd September 2018

    One needs to read the business confidence result with the consumer confidence ratings.

    The consumer confidence ratings for Jul18 (108.6) are marginally just above Jan18 levels (107.4) after rising to 111.2 for Apr18


    Forecast are that they will remain around the 108 mark.

    Consumer spending has remained the same (around 38.000 Million) but if we take into account rising prices (especially for fuel, vegetables, etc.), consumer purchases are down (my conclusion).

    So business looks at their customer buying trends and purchasing intend, making the connection that all is not well in the New Zealand economy.

    Interesting to look at the consumer index ratings for different countries and by those standards New Zealand is quite high (compared with say -7 for Switzerland and England)

  1. Q+A: Grant Robertson on business confidence — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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