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  1. David

     /  September 5, 2018

    Nile share price off 3.17% after announcing Kaeperneck as the face of their new campaign.
    Ranked 32 out of 32 quarterbacks, dropped from 49ers and unwanted by any other teams and with socks depicting pigs with police hats he took a knee…under Obama.
    He sacrificed precisely nothing.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  September 5, 2018

      Oops, I seem to be in the wrong place. I thought that this was General Chat.

  2. wooden goat

     /  September 5, 2018

    “Two women caned in Malaysia for attempting to have lesbian sex” –

    Quote – “Two women found guilty of attempting to have sex have been caned in Malaysia’s conservative north-eastern state of Terengganu, in the first punishment of its kind.

    The two women, aged 22 and 32, were caned six times each in the Terengganu sharia high court just after 10am, after the sentence was read out.

    The caning was carried out in the courtroom and was witnessed by up to 100 people, including the public.

    While women in Malaysia have been caned for sexual offences in the past, such as adultery, rights activists say this is the first time two women have been caned for attempting to have sex.”
    – end quote

    Huge outrage from leftists world-wide in 3….. 2……. 1……..

    We will of course hear nothing. This is no surprise as Muslims/Islam are at the top of the leftist “protected-group pyramid”.

    – wooden goat

  3. Gezza

     /  September 5, 2018

    Ok, so, today, the adult pooks have eaten their breakfast cereal on the lawn outside the kitchen but they’ve picked up their wet wholegrain toast bread chunks and taken all of it or most of it up over the fence and downstream along the parenga.

    So my bet is that a pooklet or two have just hatched & I that won’t be seeing too much of Bluey for a while because, even though the others will babysit too, he is just the best, most devoted dad when it comes to looking after the babies when they’re really tiny.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  September 5, 2018

      I don’t toast my birds’ multigrain, take it or leave it, birdies.I cut it into little cubes for them, that’s enough. They can DIY if they want it dipped, Some do. I once gave them Weetbix crumbs for a treat (I thought) but these were left behind and I had to clean them off the table where they’d been trodden flat.

      Sparky, the cafe sparrer, was there again today. I dropped some crunchy bits and a little fruity piece from a muffin when I hoped that nobody was looking, and hoped that Sparky found them.

      Fantalls are seen in large numbers at the moment, as are swallows.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  September 5, 2018

        ‘Swallow, little swallow; will you not stay with me one night longer ?’


      • Gezza

         /  September 5, 2018

        No I don’t toast their bread (they’d want it buttered then – especially Sweety, she’s a lady). I mean I get the cheap toast cut bread, not sandwich cut.

        The sparrers here compete for the wet bread chunks – and to my surprise, the blackbird males and females do too – but only if it’s wet.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  September 5, 2018

          I missed the ‘toast bread‘ The multigrain Couplands is $1 a loaf. It’s really nice bread; I was too tired to be bothered cooking a meal, so had some of that as cheese sandwiches. it tastes like a much more expensive brand. If I have to buy it from Countdown, I buy their wheatmeal for $1 a loaf.