Nation interview – Marama Davidson

Green co-leader is calling for an enforceable warrant of fitness for rental homes – a regime that will check out rental properties before they can take on tenants.

She said this policy hasn’t been costed, and it is Green policy so won’t necessarily get Government support.

When challenged on the apparent dominance of NZ First in policy achievements Davidson repeatedly rattles off Green achievements.

She says that the Greens always have been and remain a strong feminist party when challenged over her ‘c-word’ campaign – she seems to have learnt from that misstep and responded fairly well here.

Green candidate John Hart:

Interesting question from to about whether the Greens are an equal partner in Govt, based on NZ First and Green wins. So much depends on what each base wants, is willing to budge on, not just the number or $ value of policy wins.

But it would be fascinating to see an attempt at an objective metric

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  1. David

     /  8th September 2018

    You cant rent a house out without providing an insulation report now and in July next year you cant rent a house out without it being properly insulated.
    Its just lazy politics to reach for the perennial lets kick landlords in the face card.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  8th September 2018

    Next step price controls when inevitable rent rises result. Then permanent housing crisis and the Left’s work will be done. Govt will take over the economy and the country will be an impoverished socialist nirvana.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  8th September 2018

      Next step rental houses being sold by brassed-off landlords and landladies.

      I daresay that pets do make a place feel like a home, but I don’t see why landlords should be obliged to let tenants have them. We have all heard about what some dogs have done in rental properties.

      The idea that it should be obligatory to provide heaters is insane. Let people buy their own heaters. There’s no need to have a bedroom 18o+ at night. What are blankets, hotty bottles, electric blankets (and dog, in my case) for ?

  3. Zedd

     /  8th September 2018

    great interview Te Marama !.. its MMP govt. the name of the game; negotiation.. to get all the possible gains, whilst still having to give somethings away (swallow dead rats) to other party policy agreements; Lab/NZF/Grn Govt. in ACTION !! 🙂 😀

    the tories (jnc. Newshub interviewer ?) still think its about one major party, walking over their ‘partners’ to get FPP type outcomes.. then throwing as few scraps to others 😦

  4. Zedd

     /  8th September 2018

    Q) why does it seem that many ‘NZ Current affairs (MSM) journos’ seem; staunchly Tory ?

    A) because they earn enough to do so ! (10%ers ?)

    • PDB

       /  8th September 2018

      Like who? Scraping the bottom of the barrel there Zedd whilst looking for excuses for this total mess of a govt.

    • David

       /  8th September 2018

      Who, Trevett, Young, Watkins, Bradford, O Brien ? who this week have given Ardern a complete pass over lying, being rolled by Peters, being weak over Curran, costing us 80k in jet fuel and pumping 10 tons of carbon into the atmosphere while the commentariat bent over backwards to justify it.

    • Pink David

       /  8th September 2018

      “A) because they earn enough to do so ! (10%ers ?)”

      Zedd logic; Jacinda Ardern (salary $471,049) is a Tory!

  5. adamsmith1922

     /  8th September 2018

    ridiculous comments by trolls

  6. Confident
    Cutting edge
    Marama’s the “c” queen!

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