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“Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat?”

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  1. Gezza

     /  17th September 2018

    Seasonal Affective Disorder weather in North Welly again today. Grey. Constant occasionally gusty Norwester. Pooks are worriers. Probably genetically linked.

    • Gezza

       /  17th September 2018

      Just fed Ella. She was waiting in te wai, motionless, in her usual spot under the overhang on the opposite side, invisible unless you know what to look for. She takes a little bit of work to get her to recognise that I’m there & come over to the feed spot – about 5 minutes.

      Haven’t checked the pooklet with binocs today but Jojo & Sweety were in the yard waiting for me to come up from feeding Ella. And Bluey came up smartly to. He was down opposite the Eel Spot, grooming in the stream.

      I waited to leave until Ella had realised feed time was over & drifted back & down into the deepest part beneath the bank I was standing on. I thought Bluey would follow me up & didn’t want him blundering into Ella while was still there at the feed spot.

      When I fed the three pooks, Bluey took his last grain over to the nest. And I suddenly saw the pooklet running around atop the foliage all excited – yay! food! So all’s good.

      Aspen turned up on his own a few minutes ago below the kitchen window. So they’ve all had dinner now.

      I realised today:
      They all talk to me, when they do talk, which is not always, in different ways. They have their own quiet, individual sounds for me. They’re none of the standard sounds or calls they all make to each other or their babies.

      They all shriek in the same way & don’t sound any different from each other then – but for other sounds, Sweety’s voice is easily recognisable even if she’s not in sight, because it’s a softer call & a higher pitch than the boys’ – just like with us.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  17th September 2018

        I love the image of you and Ella being playful with the meat cubes, as I am with my dog…just gentle ‘teasing’ that the animal knows is a game and isn’t distressed by.I had no idea that eels were so clever or had such distinct personeelities.

        I sometimes make feints at throwing something to or taking something from the dog, but would never do it more than once or twice. Then it wouldn’t be fun for him. As it is, he thinks that he has outwitted mother…

        • Gezza

           /  17th September 2018

          Dogs I’ve known all seem to get that game of taking things off them and then letting them win and get it back – dogs playing together often tussle over a stick good-naturedly like that I’ve noticed. They keep that puppy-like quality when we make them pets. I love the way they perk up and grin and wag their tails when they think we’re just being wonderful.

          I can guide Ella with the stick. If she’s missed a chunk that’s dropped off, I just very gently & briefly stroke her side (it feels soft and silky, because of their lubrication coating) and she turns round. He smelldar is phenomenally acute. I don’t think she can see directly below her, or how much she can see. Her eyes seem placed to really only see sideways and up, but she will roll on her side so maybe that’s how she sees down.

          I don’t think their vision is acute; I have to do set things to attract her attention from across the stream.