Q+A: Golriz Ghahraman on increasing refugee numbers

Golriz Ghahraman, Green Party spokesperson on Immigration and Human Rights, was interviewed on Q+A on increasing refugee numbers. Jacinda Ardern announced last week the number was being increased from 1,000 to 1,500 in 2020, but Green policy is to increase it further to 4,000 (over 5 years), something that is unlikely to be agreed on by NZ First.

“There was such an outpouring of support for refugees from community groups and individuals”.

“Countries that take the most refugees are in fact from the Middle East and Africa, they’re the neighbour countries, they take millions, and in Europe we’ve seen you know millions come across and be integrated and housed because there’s been that need and it’s so close for them”.

“I think that New Zealand has always been a country that likes to do our share, you know we like to do our fair share when these things happen around the world.

On Winston Peters saying “I can show you parts of the Hokianga and elsewhere, parts of Northland, where people are living in degradation, we have to fix their lives up before we start taking on new obligations”. On problems we need to deal with here:

“And we do. And who doesn’t feel that. You know we’ve had nine years of being told we’ve got a rock star economy…

That’s a bullshit claim. The last Government took over as New Zealand was heading into a recession and the world economy tanked, and a couple of years later the Christchurch earthquakes struck, so the New Zealand economy was under aa lot of pressure for years, only gradually recovering. One person at one stage mentioned ‘a rock star economy’.

…while people struggle to find homes, they’re sleeping in cars, the congestion on the roads, you know joblessness. So we need to get back to investing in people, and we’ve got enough to do that, we just need to take care of everyone, and we do want to do our fair share when disasters happen, when wars happen.

“We’ve got enough to do that” depends on what and how much is done.

From the Labour-Green confidence and supply agreement:

18. . Review, and adequately fund and support, the family re-unification scheme for refugees.


“So that was a Green Party win in our confidence and supply agreement. We’re going to look at the definition of family. At the moment it’s very limited to dependant blood children and spouse, which doesn’t quite fit the situation of where refugees are coming from. That kind of excludes orphaned cousins who have been adopted and now they’re left back in some refugee camp.”

Won’t that increase the number of people coming in?

“Not significantly, but it would certainly help those families to resettle better without the anxiety of having been ripped apart from their families. And we know that if grand parents were allowed to come they would do a lot of the child care for example and both parents could go out and work and contribute and integrate.”

“So we’re having a review of the definition of family, and also the resourcing for family members being reunified.”

It could be a challenge getting Winston Peters to agree. A review is just aa promise to discuss, not to change.


      • robertguyton

         /  24th September 2018

        Tat Loo, Pete???
        You’re quoting Tat Loo?
        You need to spend more time at The Standard.

        • Maybe it is time for Robert to step away from his computer.
          Yesterday he claimed a comment on his beloved Greens was “false news” or worse.
          When shown the facts behind the claim he started a angled dancing on a pin head defence that he never gives to others.
          Today rather than showing the Greens “literally just oppose the deployment in the strongest terms” something which true would be easy to do.
          Rather he attacks our host and Tat Loo !
          Time for a break Robert, sit under an apple tree, watch the bees do their work and the petals fall.

          • robertguyton

             /  24th September 2018

            Ray. Your “false news” was false. You claimed Jeanette Fitzsimmons lit a fire, but’s not true, as reported in the link you provided. Surely you read it? Cut and paste your evidence, if you care to pursue the issue.

            • Blazer

               /  24th September 2018

              ‘let me tell you bout the birds and the bees…and the flowers and the…trees…’

              ‘God didn’t make little green apples,and it don’t rain in Rivertonappolis…in the summertime’…

              Singalong Ray and Rob.

            • robertguyton

               /  24th September 2018

              Mind if I whistle it?

          • robertguyton

             /  24th September 2018

            But yes, Ray, you are correct, I need to be outside. I need to garden, but the day is cold, far colder than it has been for some time. I’ll rug up and go out. Soon.

        • You’d better give me a list of all people you think shouldn’t be quoted no matter what they say. Others should do the same. Then I’ll shut this blog down because there will be nothing to say.

  1. Blazer

     /  24th September 2018

    ‘That’s a bullshit claim. The last Government took over as New Zealand was heading into a recession and the world economy tanked, and a couple of years later the Christchurch earthquakes struck, so the New Zealand economy was under aa lot of pressure for years, only gradually recovering. One person at one stage mentioned ‘a rock star economy’.

    you either have a recession or you don’t.So no b/s .
    The Rockstar Economy was picked up and endlessly regurgitated by Nationals acolytes and most people know that.

    I agree with Winston, but incremental increases in accepting refugees makes sense from such a low base.

    The Vancouver data shows refugees pay more tax than foreign property buyers.

    • robertguyton

       /  24th September 2018

      “That’s a bullshit claim. ”
      That stuck out like a sore thumb to me too, Blazer. Pete, calling Golriz claims, “bullshit”. A bit of barely-suppressed anger there, Pete, or something else…
      The number of times I heard “rock star economy”, a phrase tested by National then injected into the mainstream by various flunkies, makes Pete’s call of “bullshit”, bullshit.

  2. NOEL

     /  24th September 2018

    Evidence id conclusive that refugees from the areas the Greens want to increase have high health needs. Is the incrase in the health budget also advocated by the Greens?

  3. robertguyton

     /  24th September 2018

    Golriz dealt with that interview and the issues discussed very professionally and successfully.

  4. Gerrit

     /  24th September 2018

    Would have been a lot better if the Greens had drawn a line in the sand and made a statement that only refugees from UN or similar run displacement camps were to be integrated into NZL.

    Queue jumpers like those on Manus Island or on boats in the Indian ocean wont get entry and will be turned around to rejoin the displacement camps they originated from.

  5. sorethumb

     /  24th September 2018

    • Corky

       /  24th September 2018

      Chinese haven’t been brainwashed..yet. They know bullshit when they see it. If only Western liberals …were Chinese. Immigration wouldn’t be a problem because Muslims wouldn’t be in the West.

  6. Gezza

     /  24th September 2018

    Golriz came over well, One of her more sensible-sounding appearances.

    She wants to bring in up to 4,000 Middle Eastern refugees or is it 5,000 (the number Corin Dann was saying). They will presumably be Muslims and include some fundamentalist Muslims. My feeling is this is too many refugees generally, and too many Middle Eastern Muslims specifically. Muslims from these areas bring with them an entire culture that includes among the devout aspects & attitudes which are in direct opposition to the liberal and liberated values of Western countries like New Zealand.

    I probably wouldn’t easily talk to someone wearing a full body black burka for fear of offending their husband & causing argy bargy, and also because of a naturally suspicious reaction to seeing someone faces masked going about in our streets. Normally people who do that are up to no good and about to rob a bank, service station, dairy, or start a potentially serious fight with another gang.

    I have mentioned here before the problems that can arise where a Muslim man refuses to acknowledge the authority of a female boss or supervisor, or shake their hand, and one hopes we don’t encounter the same sort of problems experienced in other countries where Muslim women refuse to identify themselves and dispute it was them over ordinary things like traffic offences.

    She wants allow Chain Migration. the problem we have had here and that Trump has also targeted because it tends to quietly blow out immigration numbers with people granted entry on gounds other than their skills and increase pressures on the unemployed, housing, education services as they in turn arrive with their own families.

  7. Corky

     /  24th September 2018

    ”I have mentioned here before the problems that can arise where a Muslim man refuses to acknowledge the authority of a female boss or supervisor.”

    My cuzzie and her friend, an English language teacher, came over yesterday. She teaches refugees..and sometimes finds placings in the horticulture industry for them.

    She agreed with me that Muslims, especially Somalis, are arrogant and very aggressive. Unlike me she said they weren’t bad once you get to know them.

    However, a major sticking point is what you allude to. Muslim men have a huge problem with females in charge. My cuzzies friend has circumvented that problem by allowing Muslim
    women to tell the men what is required. Faced with only two unpopular options the men would rather eat humble pie and take orders from a fellow Muslim women then a filthy heathen Infidel slut.

    I tried to tell my cuzzies friend that she’d always be a second class citizen to them. She mistakenly thinks they get on alright when in reality they just tolerate her to get an English language pass. I asked her had she ever thought about where that initial arrogance went?

    She hadn’t.

    • Blazer

       /  24th September 2018

      Somalis have a terrible reputation.
      I was sitting in the car at a car park in Royal Oak and one asked if he could borrow my phone to make a call…I won’t elaborate on what happened ..

      • Corky.

         /  24th September 2018

        Be telling, Blazer. Did you give him a kicking? My run in with them was hard work. I woefully underestimated how strong they are. They are really strong.

        • Gezza

           /  24th September 2018

          Yup – down here in Welly too. Witnessed one get into a helluva an abusive argument with a taxi driver outside Welly Hospital entrance once. He was pissing about standing on the pedestrian crossing on his phone and the taxi driver tooted. Next minute several of his Somali mates were there, some joining in the abuse, accusing the driver of racism, others trying to shut them up. They’re a fiery lot by reputation here.

  8. So nearly 1500 years of unequivocal proof that Muslims NEVER integrate with Infidels passes these fools by? God help us all. Don’t they read the news? Or understand ‘taqqiya’? Have they never heard of the Trojan Horse? Do they ever listen to the Imams who are forever telling us precisely what they are all up to in the West? They don’t bother keeping it secret. Youtube is crawling with them.

    The Muslims are laughing all the way to despotic World Domination, which is their very publicly expressed raison d’etre; while naifs like Ghahraman open the doors for them. You couldn’t make it up.

    PS: The average IQ of Somalis is apparently around 64, which may explain the experiences mentioned here.

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