FBI ‘background investigation’ requested before Kavanaugh vote

The US Senate Judiciary Committee has requested that the FBI conduct a background investigation before a vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. They want this done in just a week, but it seems a prudent pause in proceedings.

Reuters (Twitter):

Republican Senator Flake says it would be proper to delay floor vote on Kavanaugh for up to one week.

Senate Judiciary Committee will request Trump administration has FBI conduct background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh.

Senate panel says supplemental FBI background investigation would be limited to ‘current credible allegations’ against Kavanaugh, must be completed in one week.

One week isn’t a lot of time for this, but it is better than a highly politicised Senate hearing that proved little apart from vested interests and manipulation of both Republicans and Democrats.

Vox:  Trump says he’ll defer to senators on Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote

President Donald Trump praised his Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh, for his “riveting” testimony during his Senate Judiciary hearing on Thursday night, then demanded, “The Senate must vote!”

But on Friday, answering reporters’ questions as he met with Chilean president Sebastián Piñera, Trump said he’d defer to senators on how they wanted the nomination to play out. “Well, I’m going to let the Senate handle that, they’ll make their decisions,” Trump told reporters.

When asked if Trump would approve a reopening of an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh, Trump said he would rely on lawmakers. That’s going to “be a decision that they’re going to make,” the president said. “And I suspect they’ll be making some decision soon, whether to take a vote, or to do whatever else they want to do.”

“I will be totally reliant on what Sen. Grassley and the group decides to do,” Trump added.

Also from Vox: Every time Ford and Kavanaugh dodged a question, in one chart

Beyond the style of their testimonies, there was a striking difference in the content of their words. Both Ford and Kavanaugh fielded questions from senators and the prosecutor hired by Republicans, Rachel Mitchell.

But only Ford made an effort to answer every single question.

Kavanaugh actively dodged questions. He often repeated the same non-answer over and over. Other times, he insisted on answering a question with “context” — which inevitably was a long story about his childhood — but never actually answered the question.

It may be up to the FBI now to get some questions answered.

A dramatic last-minute demand by Republican Senator Jeff Flake on Friday prompted the Senate Judiciary Committee to seek an FBI investigation into President Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over sexual misconduct allegations that have riveted the country and imperiled his confirmation chances.

The Republican-led committee approved Kavanaugh’s nomination and sent it to the full Senate over Democratic opposition, with Flake providing the decisive vote.

But Flake, a moderate Republican, cast his vote only after asking the panel to request that the Trump administration pursue an FBI probe of the explosive allegations against Kavanaugh and delay a final Senate confirmation vote for up to a week to allow the investigation to run its course.

Flake’s action came a day after the Judiciary Committee’s jarring and emotional hearing into the allegations against Kavanaugh that gripped the country, with a university professor named Christine Blasey Ford accusing him of sexually assaulting her in 1982 when both were high schools students in Maryland. Kavanaugh denied the accusation.

Flake’s action put the confirmation prospects for Kavanaugh, a conservative federal appeals court judge nominated for a lifetime job on the top U.S. court, in further jeopardy in a Senate only narrowly controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans.

Republican Senate leaders agreed to Flake’s demand but the White House would have to direct the FBI to act. Trump said earlier he would rely on the Senate’s decision about how to move forward.

I think the White House will have to direct the FBI to act, otherwise a could will keep hanging over Kavanaugh’s nomination.

It sounds like Trump may have been given a choice of this or insufficient votes in support of the nomination.

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  1. David

     /  29th September 2018

    Its been a disgrace. Now can the FBI investigate a 36 year old alleged offence with no evidence, no dates, no address where the complainant has 3 different stories on the number of people there and the 3 named as being there said the party never happened. She said she was too fearful of flying so the hearing was delayed but it turns out she did fly and she regularly flies for leisure.
    The area where she thinks the party was held is miles from where she lived but has no recollection of how she got there or got home but she can remember how many beers she had.
    She says she was at a party with her best mate and 2 drunk guys tried to rape her and she left her mate there, didnt explain why she was leaving and no one asked her in the following days why she fled.
    What was she doing upstairs using the toilet, why was music already playing in a bedroom.

    Her story is full of holes and seems to be a result of recovered memory from counselling in 2012, if she wandered into a police station with her story they would politely tell her to go away.

    • Do you think that Kavanaugh’s memory or claims are 100% reliable?

      • Corky

         /  29th September 2018

        No, but the burden of proof is on Ford. Kavanaugh should be appointed to the bench now.
        The Dems have done the damage. A cloud will now always hang over Kavanaugh reputation. A reputation destroyed without any credible evidence. Ford may have been a pawn used by the vicious Dems for political gain.

      • david in aus

         /  29th September 2018

        Credit to Kavanaugh, his calendar was convincing evidence. Who keeps their calendars from 30 years ago- a very organized man!

        • Convincing evidence: Brett Kavanaugh’s 1982 diary proves he could not possibly assault anyone – he was too busy living the rich prep school white guy dream


          Perhaps not so convincing: Brett Kavanaugh’s July 1 calendar entry that could help Ford’s case, explained

          Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has pointed to his high school calendars as a key piece of evidence that proves he couldn’t possibly have attended the gathering where Christine Blasey Ford has accused him of sexually assaulting her. As the argument goes, if Kavanaugh didn’t put an event on his calendar, he simply wasn’t there.

          “If the party described by Dr. Ford happened in the summer of 1982 on a weekend night, my calendar shows all but definitively that I was not there,” Kavanaugh said


          WP: Kavanaugh is pressed on the key July 1 entry in his calendar. But only to a point.

          It was Kavanaugh’s hope that providing those calendars would show that he attended no such gathering. He insisted, in his testimony Thursday, that any party of the sort must have been on a weekend (since he and his friends had jobs) and that the calendars showed that essentially all of the weekends were booked with other activities.

          Rachel Mitchell, hired by the Republican majority of the Senate Judiciary Committee to navigate the questioning of Kavanaugh and Ford, pointed to one particular calendar entry that got some attention after the calendars came out. It read:

          Tobin’s House — Workout / Go to Timmy’s for Skis w/ Judge, Tom, PJ, Bernie, Squi

          During her testimony, Ford made clear that the event at which she says she was assaulted was a casual get-together before the others (who were older than her and had a later curfew) went to other, bigger parties. Kavanaugh says that the gathering at Timmy’s on July 1 was essentially that.

          We noted Thursday, too, that the time frame of this July 1 party fits with Ford’s testimony.


          The moral here is not to jump to conclusions based on media reports of a far from conclusive hearing.

          Many people seem to be jumping to conclusions based on what they want to hear, and certainly not on comprehensive evidence properly examined, which hasn’t yet hapened.

          • david in aus

             /  29th September 2018

            The calendar appeared to note every social gathering he had except for the routine ones. It also mentioned the people present.

            That casual get together was not noted. None of this is absolute but this is the only ‘hard’ evidence. As we know memories are not set in stone, they are susceptible to suggestion and change. Those who insist on memories of events are often contradicted by others at the same gatherings. Eye-witness reports on their own have been shown to result in miscarriages of justice. We often try to make sense of things retrospectively. If Ford had a diary entry in 1982, that would be the counterpoint evidence overpowering Kavanaugh’s calendar entries.

            I am not judging Ford’s memories, no one can doubt she believes them. But as independent people, we should corroborate recollections with other evidence, acknowledging the fallibility of memories. No other persons can substantiate Ford’s claims. I don’t think any fair-minded person can make decisions on these allegations.

            • Kitty Catkin

               /  29th September 2018

              I wonder that the friend didn’t notice anything.

              I also wonder why someone who’s had that happen would leave alone and leave a friend there alone.

          • david in aus

             /  29th September 2018

            “Many people seem to be jumping to conclusions based on what they want to hear, and certainly not on comprehensive evidence properly examined, which hasn’t yet hapened”

            We should acknowledge that a comprehensive examination of evidence is impossible after 36 years.

            This is all political theatre.

            • david in aus

               /  29th September 2018

              The FBI investigation is also a sham. It is a just political cover, no conclusions can be drawn as Joe Biden was quoted to have said. The Senate will vote to confirm next week after the ‘FBI’ report.

              The Democrats wanted to wait for an “FBI’ investigation to delay a vote until after the election. Which is fair enough, the public can understand the partisan maneuverings but the anti-men biases will be difficult to forget.

          • David

             /  29th September 2018

            I watched the whole hearing Pete so its based on what I saw. Condemning a guy because through no fault of his own he was born to a well off family is a bit off Pete. He did voluntary work from high school and continues to do it and he has given his life to public service, if he went to the private sector his income would be 5 times his judges salary given his Yale law degree and his work in the White House and with Ken Starr.
            He volunteers at a soup kitchen and coach,s his daughters basketball team he is no rich privileged prick.

          • Pink David

             /  29th September 2018

            ” he was too busy living the rich prep school white guy dream”

            Is that the charge now? He’s not a rapist, but he is a privileged white male?

      • Pink David

         /  29th September 2018

        “Do you think that Kavanaugh’s memory or claims are 100% reliable?”

        The burden of proof remains on the accuser.

        • Pink David

           /  29th September 2018

          Kind of fascinating that there are three people who believe that an accusation is all that is required to condemn a man. I guess we should just burn Magna Carta and return to mob justice.

      • david in aus

         /  29th September 2018

        My memories are 100% reliable but your’s are not. That is what most of us believe.

        That is why we need evidence and not rely on the believability of performance.

      • David

         /  29th September 2018

        Its not just his memories the 3 people who were supposedly there never attended a described event and have no knowledge of it.
        His calendar was pretty detailed, odd thing to do but his Father kept a calendar all his life, and there was no note of the event but notes on every other thing he did and who was there.
        He has led an exemplary life, been FBI investigated 6 times, worked in the White House been a senior judge and literally hundreds of women who have worked with him or known him all his life have come forward to speak to his good character.
        I listened to all his testimony and the hearing afterwards and while something may have happened to her it certainly wasnt him at a party that didnt happen and witnessed by people who deny any knowledge of it. Its a Democrat farce and an utter disgrace, for gods sake we had Democrat Senators quizzing a supreme court nominee on a reference to farting from his high school yearbook.

  2. david in aus

     /  29th September 2018

    Culture wars continued

    It is interesting to observe what is going on with the Supreme Court nominee, it is a reflection of the culture wars in the Western World. Sexual assault has been under-reported in the past but to remedy this, there has a movement towards ‘believing’ nearly every accusation without verification. Those who believe in the rule-of-law find this movement concerning, an over-reaction to a problem, which can lead to further injustice.

    Those firmly in partisan camps will not change their minds. Those in the middle will be persuaded by how this is handled. It was interesting to see all the Democratic Senators on the side of the accusers, this was a mistake. They can vote against the nominee without appearing to override the presumption of innocence in their reactions.

    If this issue is highlighted and becomes a litmus test of Democrats inducing even more extreme reactions in Primaries; centrist voters, especially men, are likely to vote for Trump candidates while holding their nose.

  3. Reply
  4. Reply
    • High Flying Duck

       /  29th September 2018

      At the end of the week the FBI will have the same information that is already in the public arena, as all known people involved have already made sworn statements on the matter.

      But if it puts the matter to bed the all power to them.

      There is no way to prove the story true or false, so Mr Kavanaugh is stuck with a cloud over him due to a 36 year old allegation that is not able to be disproved.

      If it was a legal matter the case would be thrown out.

      • chrism56

         /  29th September 2018

        If this was a legal matter, it would never have got to court. No prosecution would take the case. Other than one woman’s statement first made 30 years after the event, there is nothing else. All the other evidence and the witnesses the accuser named say it didn’t happen.

    • admiralvonspee

       /  29th September 2018

      And at the end of the week we will all be better…

      Ford and Kavanaugh’s families will not – they will forever be collateral damage.

  5. George

     /  29th September 2018

    I hope that he gets the gig.
    And from there as a result of his treatment indulges in a little payback.
    Then watch the snowflakes scream unfair

  6. Gezza

     /  29th September 2018

    Making America Grate Again

  7. Reply
  8. Blazer

     /  30th September 2018


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