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  1. Gezza

     /  1st October 2018

    Aljaz tv is saying Boris is stirring it up with harsh criticism of Theresa. What’s the guts?

    • Gezza

       /  1st October 2018

      “Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego, reporting from Birmingham, said ‘Remainers’ in the Conservative party have warned of a “polite rebellion”, but some pro-Brexit MPs and members are also opposing May’s plan. “If she had harboured any hopes of there being a unified front at this conference, then they must have been quite dashed,” she said.

      “MPs who are so against … the Chequers plan are absolutely determined. They have said that this is a plan that is dead in the water, that it would be akin to the UK being like a “vassal state”, as one MP put it.”

      Ahead of the conference, May accused those who refuse to back the Chequers plan of “playing politics” and said on Sunday that she would make a success of Brexit regardless of the outcome of talks with the EU.

      Environment Minister Michael Gove, a prominent campaigner for Brexit, said on Sunday that he supports Chequers, adding that the UK won’t lower its high environmental or animal health standards in order to secure trade deals after the divorce.

      One of the Chequers agreement’s most prominent critics, former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned over the plan, lashed out against the proposal in an interview with British newspaper, the Sunday Times, published on Sunday.

      Johnson called the plan “deranged” and “entirely preposterous” and said that it will cause economic and political damage to the UK.”

      • Missy

         /  1st October 2018

        A few vague comments in that report.

        1. the Vassal state comment was made by Rees-Mogg, he trots that out every chance he gets to be honest.

        2. It was only Boris that May accused of playing politics, not all that refused to back Chequers, basically as none of the others have been using their opposition to position themselves for the leadership.

        3. I think I mistakenly below said it was his Telegraph column he called the plan deranged, that of course is published tomorrow, it was an interview with the Sunday Times, (though it isn’t inconceivable that he regurgitated something he wrote for the Telegraph in his interview).

    • Missy

       /  1st October 2018

      Nothing new. The Conservative Party Conference started today, so he is positioning himself.

      He wrote an article for the Telegraph today (I haven’t read it yet) in which he criticised the Chequers Plan again, this time calling it deranged – previously he has called it wrong and not what the public voted for. He also went on to make the point that he campaigned for Brexit and the PM didn’t and, this is the first time he has openly criticised the fact that the PM campaigned for remain. He also made more veiled comments about some of her policy plan, inferring they are socialist, saying that you can’t beat Corbyn by becoming Corbyn.

      To be honest I don’t think it is anything unexpected or out of the ordinary, Boris is wanting to make a splash before the Conference, he got what he wanted, this morning the media were full of Boris’s comments, and no-one was talking about what the PM might say in her speech to Conference in a few days, or what policies there might be announced.

      I think May was not impressed however, her response was that Boris needs to stop making Brexit political. A strange comment I think as Brexit is political. May has been under some pressure since the EU Salzburg Summit a week and a bit ago, despite believing the EU leaders would accept Chequers (whoever told her that gave her some dud advice) they rejected it, and again May was isolated by the EU leaders.

      Basically it is all rehashing the same things.

      I was sick last week, but this week I hope to do a round up of the main points from the Conferences, the Conservative Conference is the last one before Parliament is back in session.

  2. Gezza

     /  1st October 2018

    How the US is winning in Afghanistan – oh sorry – they’re not
    “The strength of the Taliban is in the weakness of the Afghan government and this is something that has emboldened the Taliban during the past couple of years. This is the reason why the US is now willing to negotiate directly with the Taliban,” Haroor Mir, a political analyst, told Al Jazeera.

    Afghanistan’s living standards are among the lowest in the world, and most of its population is illiterate, with many workers waiting for poorly paid daily work in Kabul.

    “Right now if Taliban or ISIS came here with a truck offering work, all of us would go with them, all of us,” said an Afghan citizen. “That’s because we don’t have money and we need to eat.

    • duperez

       /  1st October 2018

      There you go, the solution! President Trump should get his cobbers to establish mass factories in Afghanistan employing thousands. They could make all the US sports franchise gear, baseball, football, hockey and so on. Offer them work. All the soldiers there could be security guards but then, after a while, wouldn’t be needed.Trump will be the saviour, he would be huge in Afghanistan.

    • Griff.

       /  1st October 2018

      But but but but .
      How can you say that
      The USA won the war and stamped out the Taliban with the war on terror .
      I even heard that ISIS is dead as well .
      USA is good at winning dont ya know .

  3. Gezza

     /  1st October 2018

    Three people are dead after a car exploded on a US street in what authorities call a “criminal incident”.

    The blast in Allentown, Pennsylvania that occurred at about 9.30pm on Saturday (2.30pm Sunday NZT) left three males dead, Lehigh County Coroner Scott Grim said.

    Autopsies were planned Monday, and Grim said the names of the males would be released once their identities are confirmed and their families are notified.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Sounds like a bomb, and that they’ve got identifiable body parts? Waiting for the names to be released. Pennsylvania has a significant Muslim population.

    • Corky

       /  1st October 2018

      Allentown. I have bought a few things from companies in Allentown. The area has close ties with law enforcement and security services.

      I notice from Wikipedia that it would seem I’m incorrect. Yet, I know l’m not. Maybe things have changed over the last decade?,_Pennsylvania

      • Griff.

         /  1st October 2018

        I have bought a few things from companies in Allentown. The area has close ties with law enforcement and security services.

        Is this You or a close relative?