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  1. Griff.

     /  3rd October 2018

    Going bankwupt…….Tesla style

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In Q3, we produced 80,142 vehicles, 50% more than our prior all-time high in Q2, including:

    53,239 Model 3 vehicles, which was in line with our guidance and almost double the volume of Q2. During Q3, we transitioned Model 3 production from entirely rear wheel drive at the beginning of the quarter to almost entirely dual motor during the last few weeks of the quarter. This added significant complexity, but we successfully executed this transition and ultimately produced more dual motor than rear wheel drive cars in Q3. In the last week of the quarter, we produced over 5,300 Model 3 vehicles, almost all of which were dual motor, meaning that we achieved a production rate of more than 10,000 drive units per week.

    26,903 Model S and X vehicles, which was slightly higher than Q2 and in line with our full-year guidance.

    Q3 deliveries totaled 83,500 vehicles: 55,840 Model 3, 14,470 Model S, and 13,190 Model X. To put this in perspective, in just Q3, we delivered more than 80% of the vehicles that we delivered in all of 2017, and we delivered about twice as many Model 3s as we did in all previous quarters combined.

    Our Q3 Model 3 deliveries were limited to higher-priced variants, cash/loan transactions, and North American customers only. There remain significant opportunities to grow the addressable market for Model 3 by introducing leasing, standard battery and other lower-priced variants of the car, and by starting international deliveries.

  2. Joe Bloggs

     /  3rd October 2018

    “Smell that? You smell that? Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”
    — Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore

  3. Gezza

     /  3rd October 2018

    Scientists may be closer to discovering the mysterious “Planet X”.

    The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Centre announced on Tuesday that a distant object billions of kilometres beyond Pluto has been spotted.

    Scientists said the object, which has been named 2015 TG387 and nicknamed “The Goblin”, which they said provides evidence for the existence of Planet X.

    It was discovered as part of astronomy’s ongoing search for undiscovered dwarf planets and Planet X, an as yet undiscovered world that could have a mass about 10 times that of earth.

  4. Gezza

     /  3rd October 2018

    Now a volcano has eruputed on Sulawesi, hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.
    The death toll is around 1300 now according to Al Jazeera.