More on ‘Kiwi values’ and NZ First and MPs

One of the things to come out of the NZ First conference last weekend was a call for legislation to ensure immigrants comply with some vague ‘Kiwi values’. There was a distinct lack of enthusiasm for it from Labour, Greens and National, but they weren’t the voter demographic that NZ First would have been targeting.

Danyl Mclauchlan (The Spinoff):  Whistling on migration yet leaving migration high: what’s Winston playing at?

But here’s the thing about Peters’ perennial race-baiting – given airing most recently following a remit at the party’s 25th birthday over the weekend. He campaigns on the immigration issue every election, but Peters has been in the powerbroker position in government three times now, and each of those governments has seen very high levels of net migration of what his supporters and voters consider “the wrong sort” of people.

There are a few reasons for this. Most populist, anti-migrant politicians believe what they say about “our values” and “preserving our way of life”, and at least attempt to reduce migration when they get into office. Trump has his Muslim-ban; the conservatives have Brexit. But Peters’ statements about migrants appear to be as meaningful as so much else he says, ie nothing. It is useful for him to race-bait by grandstanding about immigration but never useful for him to ever do anything about the issue.

He could probably make the government reduce its intake of non-white migrants, if he was so inclined: we’ve just seen the passage of the waka-jumping bill; it appears that Peters can get Labour and the Greens to do pretty much anything. But so long as his voters and the true-believers in his party never figure out the nature of his MO there’s no incentive for him to act.

If Peters actually forced a significant reduction in immigration it would remove one of his campaign tools – attacking immigrants to attract votes from suckers.

…New Zealand First’s donors in the fishing and forestry sectors rely on high levels of migration to preserve a low-wage workforce working in high risk conditions. Maintaining those conditions is core business for Peters and Shane Jones. The people who pay for the party, who occupy the boardrooms of the fishing industry, are far more exacting than the suckers occupying the TV rooms of the retirement villages, who vote for it.

And talking about values, Andrea Vance (Stuff):  NZ First MP campaigning for ‘Kiwi values’ was ruled unfit to run a pub

The NZ First MP behind a “values” bill which could expel migrants was once judged unfit to run pubs because of his criminal record.

Clayton Mitchell wants new migrants to sign up to a cultural “code of conduct” that includes a commitment not to campaign against the legality of alcohol.

Mitchell is a former publican – but his licence to run a bar was cancelled after a series of incidents. They included a suspended prison sentence for assault – which a judge called an act of serious violence – and a dangerous driving conviction.

Two years later, Mitchell won back his certificate –  supported by a reference from former police officer Brad Shipton, who was subsequently disgraced over a rape conviction.

Those values have been under a lot of criticism lately, with #meto and the controversy over the appointment of Wally Haumata as Deputy Police Commissioner – Haumata has what looks like close links with Peters and another NZ First MP, Fletcher Tabuteau.

A couple of ex-MPs joined the discussion on Twitter:


Perhaps we need better vetting of the values of party list MPs before we worry too much about immigrants.

Oh, and talking of MP values, this is what Mitchell said when informed Vance was investigating his past:

The second term MP initially didn’t want to be interviewed by Stuff. “Is this one of your dirty little stories? You better get your facts right, because I tell you what, you better get your facts right or you’ll get yourself in a hell of a lot of trouble,” he said.

Taht sort of threat ois more likely to get Mitchell in trouble, but that’s unlikely with Peters who often attacks and threatens journalists.

Vance hopefully got these facts right.

In a subsequent response to emailed questions, however, he acknowledged:

* A conviction of assault with intent to injure in what a judge described as an “act of serious violence on your part.”
* A conviction for dangerous driving.
* A conviction for a “lock-in” at one of his bars – allowing customers to drink outside of the licensed hours.

They came from Mitchell so they should be accurate.




  1. Strong For Life

     /  October 7, 2018

    Gilmore has a valid point.

  2. PartisanZ

     /  October 7, 2018

    Those are all excellent ‘Kiwi values’ …. all that sorta stuff … violence, dangerous driving, liquor, fishing & forestry industry ‘donor’ intrigue … Good old Kiwi stuff!!!

    In the FUBAR world of modern politics [we have the temerity to call ‘democracy’] you’ve basically gotta have an enemy or enemies to polarize people … Migrants …

    Migrants make excellent enemies … always have … The first wave of Chinese migrants discovered that nearly 100 years ago …

    What better enemy than the ‘clients’ of one of your closest friends … the immigration industry …

    • Gezza

       /  October 7, 2018

      Those are all excellent ‘Kiwi values’ …. all that sorta stuff … violence, dangerous driving, liquor, fishing & forestry industry ‘donor’ intrigue … Good old Kiwi stuff!!!

      Christ you talk some shit sometimes.

      • Gezza

         /  October 7, 2018

        But not this time. 😉

      • PartisanZ

         /  October 7, 2018

        Maybe not … if our ‘values’ are depicted by what we are constantly exposed to in the media?

        Interesting that only in wartime, when the ‘enemy’ becomes a supposedly genuine deadly threat – polarizing (aka galvanizing) all but a few ‘conscientious objectors’ – do nation’s ever make concerted efforts to “acen tchu ate the positive” …

        • PartisanZ

           /  October 7, 2018

          That is to say: When things get their absolute most negative, we make efforts to accentuate the positive …. Kinda strange huh?

          • PartisanZ

             /  October 7, 2018

            Otherwise, we’re basically just negative all the time … Leastwise according to our media … including blogs like this …

            I guess that’s why many people say the road to healthy, positive living is to turn off the TV and disconnect from the media …?

        • Gezza

           /  October 7, 2018

          Well, you seem to wage an endless war against the pakeha enemy yourself, but I think you’re right that we have mixed messages for things like violence in our society. Some reality needs to come into things and so non-violence messages get mixed up.

          Like, unprovoked assaults & violence generally disgust people, but defending yourself from bullies by hitting them back is ok. It was the only way to make sure you didn’t get bullied in my school. But I’d never hit a girl or woman. I was taught not to & I just wouldn’t. I’ll still hit any bloke who hits me though – unless they’re six foot swinging a four by two. I’ll worry about any consequences afterwards.

          I read somewhere the Clayton Mitchell violence involved hitting a gang member – so I dunno what the whole story was – but apart from this whole nz values bill idea being a joke so far with what has been suggested (respect for boozing FFS) Clayton Mitchell appears to be the last person who should be attempting to promote it.

          More farcical politics for NZ. We’re awash in it at the moment.

          • PartisanZ

             /  October 7, 2018

            Gotta remember that neither Labour nor the Greens have endorsed it (as far as I know) and nor are they likely too …

            Another media storm!

  3. Corky

     /  October 7, 2018

    I heard Kerre McIvor talking to a journalist about Kiwi values. It’s all rather vague as to what this means said the journalist. But we must remember parliament recently passed legislation outlawing arranged underage marriages.. So there are some cultural clashes we must keep an eye on, she continued.

    But laws wont stop this sort of thing, Kerre interject. It will just go underground. The journalist agreed.

    Neither – like many on this blog- could make the next rational/logical step as to how this migrant cultural clash could be stopped permanently. That thought would never in a million years cross their minds.

    I watch in fascination at the idiocy of Western nations. It’s almost like people who vote hoping for a different outcome…an outcome that never comes.

    • PartisanZ

       /  October 7, 2018

      But Corky, we need their country-of-origins as trading partners, for oil, minerals and raw materials, and as sources of cheap labour for the “global free market” …

      Immigration is integral in it … It’s one of the prices we pay …

      • Corky

         /  October 7, 2018

        Of course immigration is important…it’s just we refuse to accept the cream of the crop, while stopping most Muslims. It’s not rocket science.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  October 7, 2018

          Refusing the cream of the crop seems a bit odd; they are the ones we do want, surely.

          Refusing Muslim doctors, nurses and other qualified people on the grounds of their religion would be a very bad thing for several reasons. We need health professionals, we would be insane to refuse them because of ignorance and mindless bigotry. If I am ill, the nurse, chemist or doctor’s religion or lack thereof is of no interest to me.

          It would have been base ingratitude to leave the Muslim translators who risked their lives to be translators in a dangerous war zone rather than let them come here afterwards.

          • Gezza

             /  October 7, 2018

            I rather suspect that was part of the reason for signing up to do the job.

        • PartisanZ

           /  October 7, 2018

          The ‘cream of the crop’, obscenely highly paid CEOs don’t seem to want to live here Corky … for some reason … Might not be quite the tax haven they were hoping for?

          The middle-classes, most of them professionals, do want to live here … and plenty of them get in … a majority English, then Chinese, Pacific Island, South African, other Asian (in that order of numbers I think?)

          But we also need menial ‘service sector’ labour and people prepared, for instance, to drive massive, lethal logging truck-and-trailer rigs on narrow, often unsealed, often poorly maintained country roads for $18 per hour … 13 hours a day …

          I wonder what percentage of all immigrants are Muslim?

          And of all Muslims in NZ, what percentage are radicalized or have the potential to be?

          Honestly, I’d rather have a phobia about shark attack or lightning strike …

  4. Zedd

     /  October 7, 2018

    NZF have to ‘stick to their agenda’ its what their support based want.. BUT they need to perhaps remember that they are in Coalition & they need to Greens onside too (C&S) to make it work :/

    methinks they do NOT want this Govt. to collapse OR to ‘go with Natl’ if it does ?!

  5. sorethumb

     /  October 7, 2018

    Surely one of the most important values is that you value your community. That is not something that happens overnight. The Labour Party decided (1986) that NZ should be diverse, (meaning immigrants from all over) not for the good of New Zealanders but to make a better world. It hasn’t made a better world and neither has it made a better NZ (except for some).

  6. Rickmann

     /  October 7, 2018

    It’s just an embarrassment, especially as I have worked/lived with mainly migrants in the five years since I returned to this country.

  7. duperez

     /  October 7, 2018

    You can move on from your past. I mean is David Garrett working for the Taxpayers’ Union?

    Seriously though, if you want good kiwi values where better to go than Kiwiblog?

  8. PartisanZ

     /  October 7, 2018

    What has to be factored into any discussion of migration in Aotearoa NZ, as well as non-NZ arrivals, is the proclivity of New Zealanders to forsake their ‘Kiwi values’ and depart NZ … presumably chasing higher-paid work or a better lifestyle … or perhaps to escape migrants, although where they’d go to do that I don’t know …

    Natural increase has often been above net migration –

    And migrant departures have sometimes exceeded migrant arrivals –

    People from England granted NZ citizenship –

    Taiwan –

    China –

    South Africa –