Bull and hypocrisy (again) from Slater

On Monday SB posted on Whale Oil:

Starting today Cam is back in the High Court for up to four weeks depending on how the trial goes.

A lot has changed on the blog since our last court case and the good news is that we now have an amazing Whaleoil team of writers who will be stepping up to fill the time slots that Cam usually fills.

Last time Cam was able to do some posts because we rented an apartment that was walking distance from the court so there was no long commute to and from the court each day.  This time around Cam will be doing the long commute between the city and Whangaparaoa each day instead.

Implying there would be no time to post.

I have done a Jacinda and made a Captain’s Call. I have put my foot down and told him that he is not to write on the weekends until the case is over.

But two days later, on Wednesday morning, Slater wrote a post called Battling Lawfare, which was loaded with bull and hypocrisy, plus a plea for donations to pay for legal bills (defamation proceedings lasting six years and defamation trials lasting 4 weeks can be very expensive regardless of any awards). Later in the morning the post disappeared, .with an explanation in  another post with the same headline

The earlier post regarding the current proceedings that Cam is involved in has been ordered down by the court.

Legal bills are mounting again so here is how you can continue to help us to fight the good fight.

There was no evidence given that the court ordered the take down, but there were some parts of the post that could cause concerns for the court – or for a defence lawyer. (Slater has had problems with this in the past – see Slater fined for contempt of court).

There was never any explanation of what the legal proceedings were about, apart from vague ‘fight the good fight’ and claiming victimhood. I posted some background here – Whale Oil be fucked? Defamation trial against Slater starting on Monday.

In his post yesterday Slater implied similar accusations to those he is being sued for defamation for. I won’t repeat them here.

Some things he said were more general, showing his habit of self interested bull and rank hypocrisy. Slater:

Legal action was started six years ago, but given the nature of [redacted], the plaintiff hasn’t actually been very keen to get the case before the court and has used every trick in the book to avoid this trial while I have fought to get the case before the judge.

I think that if you look back through the court judgments online (only some on the six year saga are online) you will see the opposite is closer to the truth.

This is an absurd claim from Slater. Blomfield has persisted for six years to get this to trial. As the Plaintiff, all he would need to do to “avoid this trial” would be to withdraw the proceedings. Slater’s “I have fought to get the case before the judge” sounds delusional, unless it is just bull to try to get sympathy and defence fund donations.

He claims to be a victim of ‘lawfare’ when he has attacked people via the courts himself.

I will not allow the use of lawfare by [redacted] to silence me.

That’s hugely hypocritical, given the involvement of Slater as informant and witness in four private private prosecutions (one against me), plus his association in an incompetent court order trying to silence me here at Your NZ, plus his association with other threats of ‘lawfare’ against me from Dermot Nottingham and anonymous comments posted here and posts at Whale Oil.

I will continue to fight for truth and transparency.

That’s just laughable – more so because Slater may well believe his own bull. He has been far from transparent even in his post yesterday, and the follow up post was far from transparent.

We must not allow the truth to be silenced, and with the invaluable support of family, friends and readers I will continue to fight for justice to the bitter end.

Very funny. The fighter for truth tried to avoid the current defamation trial for six years.

And he also fought to silence ‘truth’ in the Dirty Politics saga – RNZ: Court showdown over Slater’s hacked email

Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater has launched court injunction proceedings in an attempt to prevent three of New Zealand’s biggest media companies from publishing more of his hacked emails and Facebook conversations.

Mr Slater has served papers on APN New Zealand, Fairfax Media and MediaWorks to try to stop them quoting from emails and other communications allegedly taken from his accounts.

There are issues over the emails and online conversations being obtained illegally – but in his battle against defamation Slater himself used the contents of a hard drive containing data owned by Blomfield, allegedly obtained illegally, and at the very least I think used maliciously by Slater and others (Lauda Finem were given a copy of the contents).

The truth I don’t know whether or when Slater (and Nottingham and Spring et al) deliberately make things up and lie, and when they really believe the bull they spout.  Slater, like Nottingham, may really believe he is a fighter for truth and justice. If so that doesn’t mean what he says is accurate, or based on facts and reality, and without irony and hypocrisy.

I certainly think that their credibility is severely challenged.

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  1. david in aus

     /  11th October 2018

    I will pass the hat for donations in a poor African village on Cam’s behalf. Poor little possum.

    • Pickled Possum

       /  11th October 2018

      Poor little possum !!
      No, he is not a possum he’s a black fish dancing with the black dog.
      He INCITES … so his loyalists can be FREED.
      Has he No Pride … Always begging for a hundy or a fidy here and there …
      Just as bad as the On-line evangelists
      I suppose it all adds up you know, so you can go hunt the Whale Meat …

  2. Blazer

     /  11th October 2018

    how dumb does the slug and his squeeze think the readers of their ‘failing’ site…are? 😉

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  11th October 2018

      There must be some people stupid enough to read WO and take it seriously, or it wouldn’t keep going.

  3. phantom snowflake

     /  11th October 2018

    For anyone who wants to dive deeper into “Blomfield v Slater” this old post from TS is quite informative:

    As the post is based around a statement by Matthew Blomfield, it does have a particular slant. A few of the comments are quite interesting too. I note that the Headhunters get a mention there (back in 2013) just as they did here by ‘Loki’. (yesterday)

  4. Loki

     /  11th October 2018

    “this is an absurd claim from Slater. Blomfield has persisted for six years to get this to trial. As the Plaintiff, all he would need to do to “avoid this trial” would be to withdraw the proceedings. Slater’s “I have fought to get the case before the judge” sounds delusional, unless it is just bull to try to get sympathy and defence fund donations.”

    Complete and utter rubbish.

    Nail firmly driven home Pete.
    The chickens are coming home to roost for our hero.

    • Loki

       /  11th October 2018

      Not surprisingly and as per usual he is ranting and tantrum throwing trying to figure out who I am.
      Lots of calls from old friends today asking if I know who Loki is because our hero is crying again.
      Lots of people being pestered, he needs to realise that his behavour has driven all the adults away.
      I am really looking forward to the next few months of constant updates from court as it all comes to a just and fitting conclusion.

      • Bill Brown

         /  11th October 2018

        How’s our Hero? Any truth that he’s on the up ?

        • Talking of truth, some questions for ‘Bill Brown’:

          Why do you keep trying to make out you don’t know about proceedings when you have an obvious close association with what is going on?

          Did you try to use Your NZ to attack Blomfield in breach of court orders?

          How many pseudonyms have you commented under here at Your NZ?

          How many pseudonyms have you commented under at LF?

          Did you write comments at LF under the pseudonym ‘Death Notice’?

          How many posts at LF did you write?

          How many posts did you publish at LF, written by yourself or others?

          Did you have anything to do with LF obtaining private data associated with the current proceedings?

          • Bill Brown

             /  12th October 2018

            Wow. Big allegations Pete.

            • They are questions. You’re free to answer.

            • Bill Brown

               /  12th October 2018

              A lot of “No’s” Pete

              Sorry it’s not what you want to hear – I must check out Death Notice tho…. sounds fascinating

              I hear Sir Ralph Norris is being called by Blomfield with affidavits filed …. now that’s weird

              Chatter on the airwaves as they say!

            • A lot of avoidance there. And a lot of evidence that may say otherwise.

              And you go on to prove yourself wrong.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  11th October 2018

        I know who Loki is – or was.

        He was s a Norse god, a trickster and joker who could easily change his sex and shape.

        • Bill Brown

           /  12th October 2018

          Haha. Loki The Tricky Tranny of Norse 😂

          • Loki

             /  12th October 2018

            Ralph Norris being called you say..
            That’s a weird coincidence, isn’t he Marc Springs ex father in law?

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  12th October 2018

            He was killed at Ragnarok, or supposed to have been, but that seems to have been a rumour as he’s here on YNZ.

          • Loki

             /  12th October 2018

            While we are having a giggle.
            Ralph Norris being called?
            The ex father in law..
            Can’t see that going well for you.
            Last time I spoke to him and your name came up the veins on his head were up within seconds.


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