Slater reverses his claims about leaker

Cameron Slater has reversed his claims about who leaked Simon Bridges’ expenses, switching from saying with some certainty that Jami-Lee Ross was the leaker to saying he wasn’t.

Slater often makes dubious claims, and often doesn’t back up his claims with facts. And when one of his claims later turns out to be true he claims to be some sort of brilliant sage – but he doesn’t mention the ones that are disproven or never proven.

So I think that most people are (or should be) very sceptical of what he claims without having or showing any evidence.

He also sometimes directly contradicts himself, as he has done over the expenses.

18 August: Who is the leaker?

The back channel chatter suggests that the leaker of Simon Bridges’ travel expenses is in fact a National caucus member.

My sources inside National as well as inside Labour are saying it is now known who the leaker is and it is only a matter of time before they are outed:

They will have to resign, because if it is a National MP it will have caused destabilisation of the leader and also no one will ever speak to them again. It was also a stupid move as there was no real gain and it looks like it will blow back on them bigly.

24 August: Who’s National’s dirty little leaker?

It is obvious that the leaker is connected to a caucus member. It is also obvious that people know who the dirty little leaker is.

Simon Bridges must act strongly on this, both the leaker and the caucus member who provided the details need to be rinsed very hard and very publicly otherwise he will appear weak. If Bridges fails to act strongly it is only a matter of time before he is stabbed and at a time that would be inopportune for him.

I still suspect the caucus member concerned is a member of “The Puddle”. I guess we will find out soon enough though because my caucus sources say that it is almost certain that the culprit/s will be found.

Here Slater suggests that the caucus member responsible may have used someone to do the actual leak.

And note he says that “the caucus member who provided the details need to be rinsed very hard and very publicly otherwise he will appear weak” – now Slater is blaming Bridges for pressuring Jami-Lee Ross.

24 August: Let’s play connect the dots to help find National’s dirty little leaker

I happen to have Mallard’s mobile number, and Bridges. However, I categorically deny that I have active mental health issues and further deny, since people are speculating, that it was me who leaked. I certainly would never leak to Radio New Zealand or to Newshub, especially to Tova O’Brien.

It is widely suspected that Slater leaked communications from Ross , claimed to be with Ross’ permission, to Radio New Zealand two days ago.

This was a stupid leak, that has achieved nothing, as it was all going to be public anyway, and Simon Bridges was just doing his job, using resources allocated to him for that purpose.

Frankly, I believe the excuse of mental health issues is just a bit too convenient.

An interesting comment given what we know now.

At this stage it appears that Slater doesn’t know the identity of the leaker.

26 August: Herald editorial on National’s dirty little leaker

Simon Bridges should have just shrugged and said that leaks happen, meh, and the information was going to be released in a few days anyway. He didn’t and so the mess he has is of his own making.

He still has a problem in that the leaker seems to have gotten away with it, and will now likely be emboldened to go again. It is also obvious that this was personal and political, an attempt to destabilise the leader. This hit failed, but ultimately it may well be the first of many cuts to come from National’s dirty little leaker. Bridges should give the task of outing the leaker to someone who can handle it. To do nothing will cement the impression that he is weak.

Here he appears to be trying to goad Bridges into doing more to out the leaker to avoid appearing weak. From this comment it sounds like Slater could know something about the campaign against Bridges.

27 August: When not if for Simon Bridges if he can’t find the leaker

Heather du Plessis-Allan thinks it is now just a matter of time for Simon Bridges’ leadership if he fails to find the leaker.

I still believe that this leak and the subsequent texts were from ‘The Puddle’ and people closely associated with them.

Either a diversion from Ross, or at this stage he doesn’t know who was responsible.

28 August: When not if for Simon Bridges if he can’t find the leaker

He said police told him they would ensure the person had all the wraparound support they needed.

Gay. He should be hunting down this person and cutting their throat.

He still gives no indication he knows who the leaker was, but proposes continuing the hunt and a ruthless response.

19 September (Newshub) – Winston Peters tells Parliament everyone there already knows who the leaker is, while looking at Jami-Lee Ross’ vacant seat.

“The New Zealand taxpayers paying for this absolutely mindless, hopeless inquiry, the end pathway and result of which we already know. So why don’t we just cut to the chase here? Pay the money over to us, and we’ll give you the answer. Ha, ha! It is phenomenal.”

22 September:  Winston to Bridges: “…reveal to the public who the leaker is, or I will”

Winston Peters says he knows who National’s dirty little leaker is, as do many, but he has upped the ante on this by saying that unless Simon Bridges names the leaker then he will.

I believe that Winston Peters does know who the leaker is. It is pretty much an open secret now among National people. I understand that the leaker has admitted as such to some Young Nationals in Auckland. I also know now who it is, and that is from many sources, all saying the same name. The clock is ticking.

So while Slater suddenly claims to know who the leaker is, after Peters indicated Ross in Parliament, he suddenly starts saying that the identity is widely known.

But in comments:

So Winston proves he has no compassion, doesn’t this person have mental issues. Imagine if they topped themselves, how would Winston feel then.

Slater: They do not have mental issues. That was a ruse to distract from the real leaker and to smear other National party MPs who do have issues.

1 October: A history lesson for National’s dirty little leaker

National has a leaker. This person, who three days before they were to be released anyway, leaked the travel expenses of leader Simon Bridges.

To what end no one knows as apart from a pathetic couple of text messages to the speaker and Bridges himself they have remained silent. The brave leaker used the cowards device, a burner phone, but reportedly was traced anyway by police.

Leakers usually leak for a number of reasons, mostly it is hurty feelings at their perception of being treated badly. Sometimes it is a higher ethical rational, but not often .

3 October: A history lesson for National’s dirty little leaker

Bridges and especially Paula Bennett are trying to spread rumours. It will backfire, and seems to have backfired.

6 October: Yes Tracy, I think he is a dead man walking

There is a lot of water to go under the bridge yet on the leak scandal. I don’t think that Bridges will survive that now.

7 October:  Why the media beat-up on Simon Bridges?

I will admit that Bridges did not handle either the issue of the leaked expenses or Jamie-Lee Ross’s departure on medical leave very well. He could have done better on both counts but that doesn’t make him a ‘dead man walking’.

He is quite inconsistent at this stage. he has said he knows who the leaker is but hasn’t named them.

15 October: War breaks out in National as Jami-lee Ross named as leaker

This afternoon Simon Bridges released the report into the leaker and named Jami-lee Ross as the leaker. This confirms what I have known for more than a month.

Peters pointed his finger at Ross just under a month earlier. Slater showed no sign of knowing who the leaker was before that.

He now accepts that Ross was the leaker.

Simon Bridges is as exposed as Jami-lee Ross is right now. He is exposed for his weakness as a leader, in not dumping Ross weeks ago and taking the soft option.

My position as regards to the leaker is the same as it has always been. Find them, rinse them, move on.

Another suggestion to ‘rinse’ the leaker.

Slater in comments:

You need to read more carefully. I’ve been saying for months it was a National MP.

That was a fairly easy guess to make.

16 October: Career over for Jami-lee Ross, probably for Simon Bridges too

Jami-Lee Ross has been named as National’s dirty little leaker, and even though he is a friend my position remains the same. He’s finished as a National MP. No caucus member will tolerate him and it is unlikely that he can tough this out.

The caucus will vote to rinse Jami-Lee because he is a sneaky weasel who caused their privacy to be invaded when he knew all along it was him. That’s the politics. He could have said when Bridges announced his inquiry that he was the leaker and then dropped the recordings he says he has.

If he does have those recordings now is the time to drop them. It will finish off Bridges if they say what Jami-Lee says they say. He may as well drop them because his political career is over, and he may as well take Bridges with him.

Once Ross was named as the probable leaker Slater seems to accept that this is true. He doesn’t argue against it.

There is no coup, but there is huge disappointment in Bridges and the way he has handled this. He’s known for months who the leaker was. If I knew then so did Bridges.

But there is no indication that Slater knew who it was ‘for months’. It is common for him to try to sound well informed and in the know, but he tends to embellish this.

But over the weekend Ross was committed into mental care and Slater became closely involved. And his claims changed. He bitterly blasted Bridges for putting Ross under pressure – and he started to claim that Ross wasn’t the leaker.

22 October: Whaleoil backchat (Comments):

So Slater now claims that Ross didn’t leak the expenses? He has previously bragged about knowing it was Ross ‘for months’.

He could be technically correct – in August he said “It is obvious that the leaker is connected to a caucus member. It is also obvious that people know who the dirty little leaker is.” So Ross could have used a third party to do the actual handing over of the information to O’Brien – but if he initiated it he is still a leaker.

24 October: Despicable text sent to Jami-Lee Ross by female MP

Isn’t it far simpler to believe that what Jami-Lee Ross said was correct…

Ross denies being the original leaker. Slater is now suggesting that he be believed? On everything?

In comments:

So a hatchet job, against all medical advice ,that nearly killed someone…is hot air? Good to know.

Earlier Slater had claimed “They do not have mental issues”, and “He should be hunting down this person and cutting their throat.”

The point is there was no wrong doing. JLR didn’t even leak the expenses. So why the hatchet job…and now the cover up.

He now claims that Ross didn’t leak the expenses. This is quite a reversal.

The hit job was designed to utterly destroy any sympathy for JLR, not that I ahve any for his actions. he needs to own those and I’ve said constantly that he must. But there are other people acting in this, against JLR and they need to explain their own actions too. What was presented by the National party and the complicit media was a shabby, stitched up hatchet job. That hatchet job was against all medical advice and Simon Bridges and Paula Bennett are lying about what they knew and when. The state that JLR got himself into on Saturday is as much their fault as it is his. I am not defending JLR but I am holding the leadership to account.

It seems clear that suddenly Slater is talking to Ross and believing what he says. Ross has proven as unreliable in what he says as Slater.

“The media needs to focus on holding people to account for their actions and their continued lies.”

“The more they lie the more they will need to be corrected for their lies.”

That’s what I’m doing here. But with Slater it can be difficult to separate bullshit, bluster and lies. in my experience people like him don’t seem to know when what they make up is incorrect or inaccurate.




  1. Gezza

     /  25th October 2018

    Tru dat. 😎

  2. artcroft

     /  25th October 2018

    I’m still waiting for the Sabin affair to destroy Key. When’s that happening?

    • Gezza

       /  25th October 2018

      Any day now. He’ll be forced to step down and go golfing. Mark my words.

    • robertguyton

       /  25th October 2018

      That’s one JLR has in his top drawer. It’ll keep. Slater – back at the top of the news cycle and calling the Leader of the National Party a liar, loudly, publicly. But Bridges reassures us, all is well, no harm has been done and the news is old.

      • Gezza

         /  25th October 2018

        Yes, it’s going to be an ongoing problem for Bridges because unfortunately certain sensationalist gutter media representatives have decided to be his enablers for their own self-interested purposes.

        I’m disgusted with them, but that’s a measure of the depths to which they have descended now to attract attention and advertising.

        Many of them had started deposing him before just based on his complete inability to connect with the public and wooden, plodding style of barking at every passing government car. Making him seem like a negative, whining (his way of speaking makes everyone wince) namby pamby whose occasional good hits on a solid government cock up or conspiracy weren’t enuf. He was going to drag overall National poll support down anyway if he wasn’t relplaced, like Little did to Labour.

        There was no need for the media to get down into the mud with Slater and JLR to the extent they have. Now they’re down there, I want to find out who the sleepoverers among them are. I know of one who seems to have wrecked one MPs marriage that no one will actually talk about publicly, but who during this rumoured affair period did seem to have a decidedly anti-Key slant to her material.

        I wonder who the others are and when someone will get mad enuf to publicly identify them?

    • Blazer

       /  25th October 2018

      that was so tightly embargoed like nothing seen before ,with the help of every Govt agency and the M.SM.
      Key knew when to cut and run.

      • High Flying Duck

         /  25th October 2018

        It didn’t exactly end with any smoking gun drama though, did it. NG verdict.
        I doubt it played on Key’s mind at all.

        • Blazer

           /  25th October 2018

          Key promoted Sabin..NG!…should be back in politics soon as a Nat..then?

          • High Flying Duck

             /  25th October 2018

            You’re being silly now Blazer. NG is very different to reputation trashed and no option to go anywhere near public life again.

          • High Flying Duck

             /  25th October 2018

            “is very different to” = doesn’t undo

      • Well it was illegal to report on. Still is, actually.

    • Sabin was lucky, and Key was lucky. If things had gone the other way, both would have been in the shit, because Key stalled for Sabin. He only really got away with it because of the law being what it is. You can’t report on something Key stalled on if it’s illegal to report on it.

      • High Flying Duck

         /  25th October 2018

        What has luck got to do with it?

        • That depends on your definition of luck. Was Slater “lucky” not to have damages awarded against him? I think so. Key and Sabin were lucky in almost the same way.

          • High Flying Duck

             /  25th October 2018

            Skirting around things here, but Slater was found to have defamed CC. Sabin ended differently from what I heard.
            However, I understand what you’re getting at – Key didn’t exactly push things along.
            On the other hand, as we are seeing with JLR, it was not Key’s decision when an electorate MP was involved, and there is limited action that could have been taken based on unproven and suppressed matters.
            Perhaps appointing Sabin to the police committee was not his finest hour. Other than that his hands were tied.

  3. MaureenW

     /  25th October 2018

    Just chill out, play the sudoku, do a crossword, buy some meat, learn a new word, sheesh you can’t please people these days😂

  4. duperez

     /  25th October 2018

    Slater is like a pit bull. Not in the sense of the image of tough as, own boss, do it his own way sort of thing though.

    He is like a pitbull in the sense that he’ll run and get the ball and bring it back and lick your hand. Then two minutes later rip the face off your three year old daughter.

  5. Corky

     /  25th October 2018

    So the bottom line is – whether you like it, or not- the Whaler is in the loop and has influence in this affair.

    • MaureenW

       /  25th October 2018

      Not sure I’d call it influence. A toxic blogger has embraced a toxic politician and together they’re going to smack up the National Party.

      WhaleOil no longer has the influence it once had and is never likely to again. There’ll be some toxic articles run, Bridges will ultimately stand down/aside – and they’ll all help Labour gain re-election. How’s that?

      • Gezza

         /  25th October 2018

        Carry on, Maureen. 👍

        I’ve already been got started anyway because boy am I ever in the mood. >:D

      • Corky

         /  25th October 2018

        ”Not sure I’d call it influence. A toxic blogger has embraced a toxic politician and together they’re going to smack up the National Party.”

        Yes, correct. The whaler is in the loop with a major player in this saga. We aren’t. Neither are most of of New Zealand.

        Whether this toxic duo can create havoc is yet to be seen. Probably not. But Slater has the possibility to hit back National.

        • MaureenW

           /  25th October 2018

          Nothing like hitting out at a spent force – well they’re all spent forces come to think of it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t find much of this saga very interesting, reminds me of a few glove-puppets having ding-dong.

        • High Flying Duck

           /  25th October 2018

          Slater has been playing so many angles on this I think he needs a lie down. It was only a few days ago he was telling commenters to “trust him – JLR was definitely the leaker”. That was something he knew for “months”, but only mentioned once it was outed.

          Now JLR is definitely not the leaker, and any fool could see that he was set up.

          the leaker didn’t have mental problems, and was playing games but has mental problems and is being pushed to the brink by uncaring Nats.

          He needed his throat cut, but needs care and support. He needed to be outed at all costs and dealt with, but the investigation was a wild goose chase.

          If you don’t like Slater’s take on this – wait a day and the next post might take a 180 back to the truth you prefer to hear.

          Influence or falling off the deep end?

  6. duperez

     /  25th October 2018

    When I saw the Herald last night about Simon Bridges having got in touch with Ross I wondered how the Herald knew about it. It’s probably stated somewhere but I missed it.

    Did Slater contact the Herald and tell them or say something which led them to ask questions which led to them contacting Bridges?

    Did Bridges contact the Herald and tell them?

    • Gezza

       /  25th October 2018

      You should fire those questions off to the Herald, dupers. I’m semi-serious, buddy. It might be quite amusing see what – if any – response you get. 😀

  7. unitedtribes2

     /  25th October 2018

    I think this gentleman has been farming JLR for some time and if so would be responsible for any mental deterioration in the unlikely event any exists. I here they’ve taken away all communication from JLR so he cant come to his senses too early preventing the ongoing harvesting operations. Perhaps JLR was the last contact in the National Party that would talk to him.

  8. Alan Wilkinson

     /  25th October 2018

    Ross and Slater both need a friend and thoroughly deserve each other.

    What’s not to like?

    • Gezza

       /  25th October 2018

      The gutter press enabling them by giving them exposure is what’s not to like.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  25th October 2018

        Exposure will deal to them both. However, I am with you on collateral damage.

  9. MaureenW

     /  25th October 2018

    Gee, the big reveal on Colin Craig at Whaleoil – 5 comments and the site is almost non-responsive. I guess the Members only must be busily upgrading their subscriptions, finishing off the crossword or reading more tantalising content from behind the members only wall.

    • Corky

       /  25th October 2018

      ”Herald breaks news that Simon Bridges called me, after I already wrote about it in the morning.”

      I think they are on this thread, Maureen.

      • Gezza

         /  25th October 2018

        Hard to say what some of them on probably, but whatever it is, it probably doesn’t make them nicer people.

  10. Read the spin on the Craig V Slater court case. From his comments you would think it was a huge win, in fact from reading the herald I see it as a loss for Slater

    • High Flying Duck

       /  25th October 2018

      I think the call of “a draw” was a fair call.

      But WAIT!!!:

      • Gezza

         /  25th October 2018

        The whole concept of “vexatious litigant” seems to me to need a serious overhaul to allow for earlier determination. But I can imagine lawyers vigorously opposing it, notwithstanding that some of them aren’t required to assist such litigants go it alone and steadily empty their own bank accounts all by themselves.

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