Media watch – Saturday

3 November 2018


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  1. There’s been a bit of coverage of the royal people tripping around New Zealand but it’s been fairly low key generally. Some people seem to think all their celebrity Christmases have come at once, but most people seem to have had little or no interest.

    • Ray

       /  3rd November 2018

      It was interesting that after the first meeting when the figure of only 200 people (young girls mostly) the numbers attending was glossed over by the Media.

  2. Ray

     /  3rd November 2018

    I still don’t know what to think about this.
    “Child poverty rates unknown as targets about to become law”.
    Wasn’t this a cornerstone policy by Labour & Greens

    • Corky

       /  3rd November 2018

      ”Survey mishap?”

      Sounds suss to me, Ray.

    • Gezza

       /  3rd November 2018

      Wasn’t this a cornerstone policy by Labour & Greens

      Possibly. Trying to remember if there was a Minister for it. o_O

  3. Se has been wading in to a few issues since returning to New Zealand from her stint in the UN.

    • Corky

       /  3rd November 2018

      Still has the cold killer look. This women missed her calling on the RIGHT side of politics.

      ”She has been wading in to a few issues since returning to New Zealand from her stint in the UN.”

      It must be unimaginably boring for her back in New Zealand. She’s a rebel looking for a cause.

    • High Flying Duck

       /  3rd November 2018

      For someone who has “no interest whatsoever” in running for Mayor, she is certainly making her views well known on a number of important Auckland issues.

  4. High Flying Duck

     /  3rd November 2018

  5. sorethumb

     /  3rd November 2018

    The Christchurch Press – Bias

    Ngal Tahu

    It is interesting that neither of the articles about Ngai Tahu’s financial activities (Oct 26, 30), inform readers of Ngai Tahu taxpayer-subsidised status. An uninformed reader would assume that these were businesses owned by private shareholders, not a charitable trust with its income tax-exempt status. For example, one article states that as the business was run under an iwi model, its shareholders had a strong requirement for social and environmental responsibility. Iwi are not shareholders at all. They are the beneficiaries of the business activities undertaken by the 39 companies that have been registered as tax charities, as well as numerous other joint ventures and interests in other companies. Ngai Tahu Farming Ltd is owned by Ngai Tahu Corporation Ltd, which in turn is owned by Ngai Tahu Charitable Trust, of which the sole trustee is Te Runanga 0 Ngai Tahu.

    Dr Michael Gousmett, University of

    Independent Researcher and Public