Electronically monitoring the kids

Over the last few years it became a thing to justify giving children a mobile phone so parents could be at their beck and call, and theoretically so parents could keep tabs on what their children did and where they were.

This takes it to another level:

What’s next? Drone technology like this?

Mini Flipping Quadcopter 

Now you can show off your crazy pilot skills, even if you don’t really have any!

It also features headless flight mode, and return to home functions.

Remote controlled dronekids with a return to home button?

Things have already changed somewhat from the age that I grew up in. On non-school days, and after school, we roamed. We often didn’t say where we were going because we didn’t know, we just followed our whims, all over the 50 acre home property, and around a much bigger neighbourhood. We mostly kept clear of the Clutha River apart from crossing the bridge.

We managed to turn up for meal times, it was an instinct I guess.

I remember my mother getting a bit worried once. I would have been about 6, my sister 8, and we had been at one of my sister’s friend’s house, with an arrangement that we would walk home a couple of kilometres. But Mum got worried when we didn’t turn up (maybe at mealtime). She drove up the road and no sign of us. It turned out we had taken a  ‘short-cut’ going cross country. Maybe we wanted to pass by our neighbour’s cherry trees, I can’t remember – it would have been my sister’s fault. In the end no harm done.

Now kids venture away from home far less, and when they do, do parents really want electronic monitoring? At least I guess they aren’t ankle bracelets.

But is it really smart watching?

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  5th November 2018

    If they’re watches, the wearers can take them off.

  2. Corky

     /  5th November 2018

    Next Spark will release the adult chip..forget that old fashioned smartphone..you can’t lose our chip under your skin. Next, the government will say: we have gotten rid of hard currency,
    why not streamline government services with everyone having a personal implant.

    This technology is needed in hospitals. The amount of man hours lost trying to find lost patients is horrendous. I once had a cuzzie go missing for over an hour. The ward was panicking, he couldn’t be found. They finally found him in a theatre recovery room under a pile of new medical drapes( replaced every 2 years). Lucky for him.😄

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  5th November 2018

    Depressingly molly-coddled kids at one end and totally neglected at the other. Any still in the middle?

    I guess and hope there are.


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