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11 November 2018


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  1. Inequality of the privileged?

  2. Blazer

     /  November 11, 2018

    par for the…course.

  3. Bill Brown

     /  November 11, 2018

    Interesting comments from Seymour on the $7.50 top up per $1.00 saved

    The mention of not taking bribes and being involved in other business makes part of it ?

    What about doing the job which is their own choice to be made ?

    Next the politicians will want this type of top up !

    I know the argument will be they turned their back on big firm fees but if it’s all about the money then don’t become a Judge

    By most people’s view I would say $200k plus a year is a great earn for a 20 plus year stint – plenty of Business people would see that as a great renumeration for work done…. and the salaries have increased hugely over that time – currently online it quotes a figure of $334,900 – $490,000 per year

    Chief Justice salary
    Oct 17 – $532,400
    Oct 16 – $522,500

    That excludes allowances

  4. PDB

     /  November 11, 2018

    All the blokes fault…

  5. The Consultant

     /  November 11, 2018

    Newly Released Footage of the Acosta incident

    This is an important cultural moment. There is now a comic meme about being physically violent to a woman. Notice how it’s upping the violence that makes it funnier and funnier. It ends with a “Road Runner” type image where a bag of “intern feed” is handed to the woman and then a giant weight falls on her. Have we ever seen mainstream comedy like that before? We’re laughing at a woman getting crushed to death.

    Well Stephen Colbert and his writers are just soooooo funny. Like his “cockholster joke, this also reveals more about him and his Leftie fans than they know.

    BTW – Jim Acosta has officially killed the #MeToo movement.

    At least until there’s another right-winger it can be aimed at.

    Rules for thee, but not for me

  6. This map shows the glaciers and coastline of New Zealand during the latter part of the last glacial period, about 20,000–18,000 years ago. Sea level was about 100 metres lower than at present, so the shallower part of the continental shelf was exposed. Glacier ice was also more extensive, with several large glaciers reaching beyond the present West Coast of the South Island.

  7. I’m watching the Sunday feature (channel 1) on the Kaikoura earthquake. very sobering. Not something I (or anyone) would want to experience.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  November 11, 2018

      Depends where you are and what you are in. We were in Hanmer, very close to the epicentre but quite safe. However a lady was killed on a farm not far away. Luck plays a big part.